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Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with mushrooms as a star ingredient.

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Calculating Salt/Sugar additions for Mushroom based Jerky

I'm working on a mushroom based jerky recipe and there are a couple questions about water activity that I am having trouble finding answers to. What salt and sugar content should I be aiming for to ...
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Intense mushrooms carbonation while fermenting

First attempt on fermenting mushrooms. Pretty low experience level in fermenting overall. So, what I did boiled them for a 1.5-2 hours mix broth and salt so it became 2.5% brine fill jar and put in ...
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How long can you soak morel mushrooms before they go bad?

We got some morels from a friend and soaked them in salt water in the fridge. That was Friday. It is now the following Thursday, and we just took them out of the water and cut them down. Bad memory! ...
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Korean food that was wrapped in tin foil

I have a fond memory of a dish from awhile back however I do not know where I ate it at nor what it was. All I know is it was some Korean BBQ place near San Jose or Cupertino CA the kind where there ...
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White threads on top of mushrooms?

I just opened a pack of baby bella mushrooms that I bought yesterday. They were firm and in good condition, but the one on the bottom had wispy white threads growing out of the top. I thought it could ...
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Are these mushrooms safe to eat?

I was chopping up some portabella mushrooms (purchased at Costco) for a stir fry and noticed that the flesh of some of the mushrooms turned a dark brown (left): It has a slightly rougher texture, ...
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