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Questions tagged [nut-butters]

Questions covering the use in food and cooking and making of nut-butters and seed-butters.

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What features should I look for in a hand grinder (for peanut butter)?

I want to make my own peanut butter. I've read of various grinders--both hand-operated and electric. I'm most interested in finding a durable hand-operated peanut butter grinder. I know there are ...
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Does natural {peanut, cashew, almond} butter require refrigeration?

I have purchased a few different types of natural peanut butter and all have stated that refrigeration is required after opening. However, I recently purchased Archer's Farms Almond, Peanut & ...
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Can any KitchenAid stand mixer attachments be used to make peanut butter?

Can I use any of the various attachments for my Kitchenaid stand mixer to make peanut butter? I was thinking one of the different grinding attachments might work, insofar as the machine at my local ...
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Peanut Butter substitute in baking

I love to bake and have come across several peanut butter recipes (cakes, cookies, even a multi-layered/multi-component [cake & cheesecake layers] cake) that sound really good. My problem is I ...
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Why does this sunflower butter exude green liquid?

The most recent brand of sunflower butter (Mara Natha) that I've been using left a green tinted liquid inside the glass jar after I attempted to wash it out for recycling with water ~200°F/93°C and ...
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How to make nut butter without a food processor?

I want to make peanut butter and almond butter. My food processor heated after a couple of minutes last time, so this time I first used a mortar and pestle to grind it a little and then use the ...
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Why does store-bought peanut butter in a jar have so much more oil than fresh ground?

When I buy fresh ground peanut butter, it has a very dry, paste-like texture with almost no oil. It can sit on my shelf for a week in warm weather and no oil separates out. When I buy peanut butter ...
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How to make ground almonds creamy?

I put roasted almonds through a food grinder — first on coarse grind then on fine[1] — thinking I would wind up with almond butter. I wound up with a fine ground instead. I haven't tried, ...
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My hazelnut praline paste became liquid

Today I tried making praline paste, specifically of the hazelnut kind. It was equal parts by weight roasted and skinned hazelnuts and sugar. I caramelized the sugar dry, poured it over the roasted ...
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Hazelnut spread preservation

I'm making some hazelnut spread at home and trying to preserve it as long as possible. Basically, I blended a mixture of ground roasted hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, sugar, cocoa powder and very ...
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Nut butter with water. Shelf life [duplicate]

I have a blender that is not very powerful, just 400 Watt. I tried to use it with nuts and it cannot do it, I notice it suffers too much. If I add some water it works well and I like the result. My ...
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2 answers

Is it true that natural peanut butter splits in cookies?

I was watching a video recipe about peanut butter cookies. The maker mentioned that you shouldn't use all natural peanut butter for making those cookies, because the oils would make your dough split. ...
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2 answers

Can you make nut butters without dehydrating nuts?

It's normally recommended to soak nuts, then dehydrate them and at some point in the future make your nut butters. Now what if you want to bypass the dehydration process, I understand there will be ...
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What is the most cost effective way at home to dehydrate nuts?

I have recently been looking to make some nut butters and one of the main things everyone talks about is soaking the nuts then dehydrating them. After googling all I can find out about is using the ...
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Fixing oily dukkah

We just made some dukkah by blitzing a mixture of baked nuts/seeds: almonds, pistachio, fennel, coriander, sesame, caraway, cumin (and raw chia at the very end). It smelled and tasted amazing, but ...
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Mixing a banana with homemade sunflower butter turned into a horrible, leathery substance. Why?

I often make sunflower butter in my food processor by pureeing raw sunflower seeds. Today I decided (after the seeds became creamy) to blend a banana into the mixture. The result was horrible: Almost ...
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Portable ways to daily grind & powder/ paste 8-9 overnight soaked & peeled Almonds while traveling?

Portable ways to daily grind & powder/ paste 8-9 overnight soaked & peeled Almonds while traveling? Portable/ Light while Traveling: May lack access to large food processor/ mixer/ grinder &...
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Nut/sunflower butter and cocoa

A family member mixed sunflower butter, cocoa, sugar and a bit of milk (stirred in, not thoroughly mixed in) and left it in the fridge for quite a long time, a month or so. I want to wash it out but ...
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