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Questions regarding facts about macro-nutrients within foods. Do not use for "what is healthy" or similar questions, which are off-topic.

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Does vinegar increase the iron we can digest from Spinach?

I heard tale of people using vinegar to break down or concentrate the digestible iron in spinach. Is this true? If it's true, the key things to know would be: What vinegar do you use? How do you ...
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Does the use of kosher salt vs. table salt lead to a higher overall sodium intake?

When using kosher salt one has to use more kosher salt than table salt to achieve the same level of saltiness. Does it mean that using kosher salt causes one to consume more salt (or sodium)?
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Cheap sources of protein? [closed]

Soy meat, flax seeds and peas are probably the best known such sources. Are there other cheap sources of protein?
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What does "contains 2% or less of" mean?

In the US, food labels are required to provide an ingredients list. One common phrase on labels is "contains 2% or less of." For example: "Pork, water, contains 2% or less of: salt, spices, sodium ...
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Deep frying - caloric-intake difference in saturated vs. unsaturated oil

In one of my previous questions, it was indicated that animal oils (saturated) would have a longer lifetime than unsaturated oils. However, given good hygiene and properly fresh oil use, what would ...
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Checking food nutrients

How can one check if the food does not have excess levels of pesticides? The need of the hour is to have some machine/tool that checks what is the composition of the food that we are eating and ...
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Does microwaving destroy nutrients in food?

After answering this article, I did some research on microwaving killing vitamins and nutrients in food. I very quickly learned that this is a touchy subject, even among nutritionists, and nobody (at ...
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What additions can I make to my basic white bread recipe to increase its fiber content?

These are my ingredients for a one-loaf white bread recipe: 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup milk 4 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp sugar 1 1/4 tsp salt 1 packet active dry yeast I'd like to add an ingredient that ...
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What are some alternative sources of calcium (to milk) for the lactose-intolerant?

Are there any food products that can be used for cooking/baking that have high calcium as an alternative for milk - not necessarily liquid alternatives...
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How to calculate the calorie content of cooked food?

I like to cook from scratch, and I'm currently trying to loose a few pounds. I know that cooked food is generally more calorific than raw food, so if I add up the calories of the ingredients I know it ...
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