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Oat yogurt is lacking the right creamy structure

I've been on a journey of trying to develop a recipe for home made oat yoghurt. my current recipe is as follows: blend 80g rolled oats with 400g water heat to 80c and add N1 amylase let it rest for ...
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Intuitive way to measure calories on homemade oatmilk (Betaglucans) or similar liquids

I am following a recipe for oatmilk, consisting on 1L of water, 100gr of oats, a pinch of salt and desired sweetener. This recipe let´s them soak and also blend them for 2 minutes before filtering it ...
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Is it possible to thicken oat milk based sauce when dairy would naturally be thicker?

After switching to oat milk I recently tried to use it in a box-dinner that I previously used dairy milk in. I noticed that it didn't thicken into a sauce nearly as well. This kind of makes sense ...
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Will mechanical blending denature alpha amylase / glucoamylase?

I am trying to break down the starches in a certain variety of oats in the most efficient way possible. I have to break the whole oats down after cooking, so they are fine particles for the amylase to ...
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Sterilizing Mason Jar for Oat Yogurt?

Making homemade Oat Milk into Yogurt for the first time! Unfortunately I made an oversight and pulled a Mason Jar out of the cabinet and just washed it with soap and hot water let it mostly air dry, ...
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What is leftover in the pulp after making oat milk and how can you use it?

I've been making oat milk and looking for recipes which can utilise the pulp which is left after making the oat milk. I tried cookies and pancakes but they end up wet and soft. Is this because all of ...
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How to make oat milk that is not chalky

I'm making oat milk like this: Put 4 tbsp around 40 grams Rolled Oats (without soaking) into blender, then add 1 cup (300 mL) Cold water, then add 1 tbsp canola oil (to help emulsify). Then I blend ...
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Does this Oat Milk have added sugar?

The label says all 7g sugar are added but there is no sugar in the ingredients. I know oats do have naturally occurring sugars. The brand is oat from Costco: I've noticed the Califia Barista Oat milk ...
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My oat milk is too watery

Since shops around here are out of oat milk for past week I started running low on supply. I decided to make one at home. I'm targeting the Oatly full-fat milk. I blended 1 cup of oats with 4 cups of ...
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Anti-Coagulant for Oat Milk

I am trying to make my own oat milk, primarily for use with coffee (Lattes/Cappucino's etc), so I am trying my best to mimic the results of oatly barista edition, which is not available to buy here in ...
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Oat starch to sugar conversion in oat milk

I noticed recently that some commercial oat milks do not have added sweetener but rather say that their sugar content comes from oat starch which was converted to sugar. Is there some reasonably ...
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Is it possible to make oat milk ice cream?

If you think that normal ice cream is made from milk, is it possible to make it with oat milk? I am not too sure if the lack of lactose in oat milk would restrict the stickiness or formation of the ...
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