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Is it OK, taste wise, to refreeze thawed octopus?

Where I live, I have to travel a bit to get octopus. The octopus they sell in the store is imported frozen, and thawed in the store. Sometimes they don’t have it, or the octopus they have is not ...
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How to tenderize/soften steamed octopus

I have got some steamed Spanish octopus in the freezer that I'm going to grill and serve as an appetizer. From testing with a pairing knife it seems quite chewy. I've had success in the past with ...
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Octopus on the grill, Aussie style

On my last trip to Australia (Perth), I was invited on a lobster boat (crayfisher they called themselves) . One of the boxes pulled out of the water had a large (1,5m from arm to arm) octopus in it, ...
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How to massage an octopus?

This is definitely one of the weirder questions I've asked, but is there any easy way to massage an octopus? I recently watched the movie "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and in that movie they show ...
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Why cook octopus with an onion?

I've been following all the rule books on how to cook fresh/thawed octopus, specifically to "frighten" the octopus before cooking. The "frightening" is a quick 10 second bath in ...
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Freezing boiled octopus

I've bought a frozen fresh octopus. As most recipes suggest I'm planning to boil it, and then char it on the grill. The problem is that it's pretty huge and we are only 2 people. Would it be ok if I ...
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Cooking octopus: simple boil or broth?

I have heard about "polvo à feira" (Pulpo a la Gallega/Spannish style octopus) and I went on a search for recipes. In one of my findings (, I have seen Eric Ripert ...
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Is it okay to leave cooked octopus in water till next morning?

I've cooked octopus in a boiling water (well, more like in own juice to be more precise) like I usually do and than I've realized that I'm too tired and going to eat it tomorrow morning. My question ...
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Should octopus be cooked twice?

When I see any recipe for octopus, it's almost always boiled first. Harold McGee says to chuck it in the oven (dry) The point is, when ever any one fries/BBQ's octopus, they always fry/BBQ cooked ...
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Does cooking octopus in salt or pastry crust produce juicy octopus?

I've been reading up on octopus preparation and the different methods used to tenderise the meat. Rustic recipes call for a good beating against a rock until soapy, others talk of a long boil or ...
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Frozen Octopus or fresh Octopus for recipes?

Yeah, I wonder with grilled, fried, steamed, salad recipe, which is better? Frozen Octopus or fresh Octopus Can you compare Frozen Octopus and fresh Octopus, which recipes for which? Thank you so ...
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Scientific method to microwave octopus

I want to cook about 300 g of parboiled frozen octopus. I am sorry to say that the parboiled octopus is white, not translucent but good quality, freshly produced. The octopus therefore needs to be ...
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Why boil octopus with wine cork?

I saw a recipe (in Croatian, check out if you understand) for making octopus salad that says boil the octopus with a piece of wine cork. The article doesn't explain what effect the cork gives. Do ...
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Does the location of where an octopus was imported from determine the flavor/quality of the meat?

I recently bought frozen octopus that was caught and imported from Portugal because the local stores were sold out of the octopus from Spain. There was also a package of octopus imported from Vietnam ...
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How to cook baby octopus?

I bought some marinated baby octopus that I am cooking for dinner in about 2 hours. This is the first time that I ever bought it and have no idea how to cook it. The instructions on the packet, just ...
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