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Oil extracted from pressed olives.

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Can extra virgin olive oil be used for stir frying, roasting, grilling?

I'd like to use extra virgin olive oil for the above mentioned cooking methods as opposed to other oils/butter. Are there any downsides to it, or can it be used safely in all those cooking methods? Is ...
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Why does my olive oil smoke/burn when I fry with it?

I see many chefs/people in food channels who use olive oil to fry stuff (like salmon). However, when I add olive oil for frying it quickly burns releasing dark smoke. Is there a specific type of olive ...
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Is this video showing an exception of the common wisdom that you shouldn't cook with EVOO?

I know this question has been discussed here before, such as this question. But I am asking it again to share the video in this blog post. The video shows how you use the extra virgin olive to cook, ...
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Why do you need to heat the pan before heating the olive oil?

In the Netflix documentary Salt Fat Acid Heat, Samin Nosrat says this when she is making sofrito and she is about to put olive oil into the pan: This is one of those important things that I think ...
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Olive oil gets bitter in blender?

I read somewhere -- maybe a James Peterson cookbook? -- that putting olive oil in the blender for more than a few seconds will make it bitter. However, many recipes for hummus, aioli, and other things ...
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Can I substitute olive oil for butter/shortening in pie crust?

I was making a pie the other day -- a mock apple pie*, to be exact, which is unusual enough. But I came up short on butter and don't keep any shortening stocked in my kitchen. Desperate, I searched ...
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Need to refrigerate vinaigrette?

I've made a red-wine vinaigrette dressing using olive oil (which makes up the majority of the dressing), red wine, garlic, and basil. My problem is that whenever I take it out of the refrigerator, ...
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Can I use extra virgin olive oil for cooking steak?

According to this: What oil or fat to use for different purposes? For general pan cooking: olive oil (any kind), butter.. I see video from youtube such as How to Cook Steak by Jamie Oliver, he also ...
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Garlic Overflow — Why won't my olive oil stay in its jug?

I'm the kind of chef who chops up whatever the local bazaar has that week, adds a random amount of seasonings until the color suits my fancy and then cooks it. Somehow. Most days I don't go hungry. ...
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What oils are suitable for Indian cooking (i.e. extended frying duration)?

Indian cooking basically uses oil from the beginning of the process, typically starting with sautéing ginger and garlic, then adding shallots, chillies and onions. So the oil is on the fire for quite ...
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homemade chilli oil

I am making chilli oil using light olive oil, crushed chilli, dried garlic, dried fennel seeds and parsley. I have been making this for years. I am concerned about this Botulinum business. Should I ...
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My olive oil didn't solidify in the fridge. Is it fake?

After reading about scandals involving adulterated (and sometimes fake) olive oil, I decided to test a bottle of Bertolli olive oil. Bertolli in particular has been sued for selling fake olive oil, ...
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What makes for good olive oil?

It's been years I've been pondering this question. When I go to the store, the olive oil section has a vast array of offerings with a great range in prices. With that in mind: Does higher price ...
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Water vs olive oil when sautéing

I was recently watching a friend sauté vegetables (specifically artichokes and broccoli) and instead of using olive oil, she used water. What's the difference between using oil as compared to using ...
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What to do with the olive oil from canned sardines?

Olive oil is good for you, and it seems wasteful to throw it away. Yet all recipes call for draining the sardines prior to usage. Any good ideas on what to do with that olive oil? Is it some bad kind ...
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Are there reasons to use olive oil when roasting food at high temperatures?

I see many times chefs choosing olive oil as the fat for cooking recipes that undergo heats of 400f+ (very much above the smoking point of refined olive oil) for 30 minutes, and its virgin olive oil ...
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Did I poison myself by eating popcorn made in a steel pot with olive oil?

I made popcorn by putting a layer of olive oil at the bottom of a steel pot, putting in the kernels and cooking it on high heat for a minute or so. When it started popping, I noticed that smoke with ...
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Does the colour of the olive oil say anything about its quality?

Does the colour of the olive oil say anything about its quality? Some labels make a point of saying that the olive oil was made within a short period of time after harvesting. Why would this be ...
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Appropriate oil to infuse with hot chillies

I have loads of chillies left over from summer so I'm making some infused oils for christmas gifts. The obvious oil to use would be extra virgin olive oil (very expensive for good quality), but I've ...
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How to get rid of raw taste of Extra Virgin Olive oil?

It has been told several times in the past that Olive oil cannot be used for Indian cooking. So, I want to use Olive oil as a spread on bread. The raw Extra Virgin Olive oil tastes like "oil"! Don't ...
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