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3 answers

Uses of dittany of Crete (origanum dictamnus)

Last summer I went to Crete for a short vacation, and came back with fond memories of the local cuisine. Before leaving I bought some spices, among them a small bag of diktamo (dittany, or dictamnus)....
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Is it okay to use these oregano leaves?

I have an Oregano plant and I have rarely used fresh oregano. Is it safe to use the oregano leaves shown in picture? It has some white thing on top and at the bottom it’s a bit dark
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2 answers

Is it a good idea to grind dried oregano with a mortar and pestle?

Someone explained to me that I could increase the surface area of my herbs significantly when grinding them in a mortar with a bit of salt. It is indeed quite easy to grind them down to a powder. I do ...
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What is the most efficient way to prepare (very small) fresh oregano leaves?

While making my manicotti tonight, I received a painful reminder that the stuffing isn't actually the most tedious part of the process - it's pulling all the tiny leaves off the oregano stems. It ...
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How to dry oregano?

I have oregano in my garden. But I only use it fresh. How should I properly dry the oregano so I can get something similar to oregano found in the stores?
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