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Paella is a Valencian rice dish.

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What is the difference between risotto rice and paella rice?

My local supermarket stocks arborio and carnaroli rices for making risotto, and also stocks "paella rice". I have, in the past, used them interchangeably in both risottos and paellas. Wikipedia ...
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Why do you need to fry onions and garlic before adding other ingredients to a dish?

I've been using an online Paella recipe that instructs you to sweat some onions for 5 minutes, then add garlic for a few minutes, followed by the vegetables, tomatoes, rice and stock. Is there a ...
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How much Saffron to use?

I'm a bit confused with how much saffron to use in a paella recipe. I've seen numerous recipes that state to use 1gram. However I have a 1gram jar and that seems like a lot of saffron to me. I've ...
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What's in a 'Paella'?

Answering this question, I made an ass of myself claiming that Onions are not used in a real Paella. Tomatoes neither. Paprika / Pimentón neither as this will overpower the saffron flavor. I've ...
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Is Calrose rice a decent choice for paella?

I'm making paella. Most of the recipes I've looked at call for specialty rice varieties that are expensive and/or difficult to find. I have a large amount of Calrose rice (this stuff) in my cupboard ...
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What is the ingredient that makes a Spanish paella so particular?

I have eaten paella in Spain; I then ate it in Italy, but it didn't taste like the one in Spain. What is the ingredient that makes the Spanish paella so particular? I remember they used a particular ...
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Paella and seafood casserole

What is the difference between "seafood casserole" and "paella"?
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2 answers

How long to cook seafood in paella?

This recipe for seafood paella says to add mussels, prawns, squid and monkfish to the paella pan 5 minutes before finishing, stir and then cover with a lid. I made this twice and I have never been ...
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3 answers

Would smoked chicken work well in paella?

I am not a chef, I just like to cook. Tomorrow I am making paella for a bunch of people, and I am leaning towards following this recipe. I was wondering, however, if it would be okay to swap the two ...
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rice and paella

To make Paella: What is best practice to cook the rice?
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3 answers

Rice for paella

The recipes recommend calasparra or bomba rice. Neither is easy to find. My pantry has long grain Basmati, short grain Kokuho, and some Arborio. Which one is the best substitute?
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1 answer

Open Fire Paella - do I need to fry rice?

I often cook a paella outside. I use chicken and prawns. Usually, I fry chicken for 30 mins to brown and cook first - then I remove it. Fry the prawns and remove them, then fry the sofrito. Once that ...
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2 answers

Should I season my paellera?

I bought a carbon steel paella pan. I've looked up if people season it (link) but on Wikipedia I've read: As with other cast iron vessels, a seasoned pan or dutch oven should not regularly be used ...
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How can I achieve a good socarrat with paella cooked in the oven?

I'm cooking dinner for a friend who pointedly bought me a paella pan. Normally, I would never consider making paella in the oven, but my stove is electric and the coil is not nearly as big as the base ...
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Properties of a good paella pan

I was bought a paella pan for my birthday. It had a small label on it with only the brand name on, which I've since washed off. It is steel (I think), with rubberised handles and dozens of concentric ...
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How can I achieve an even heat across a large paella pan?

I just used a 20" paella pan to make a large paella for 10 people. The pan covers 4 burners. The problem that I had was that the center of the pan never reached the temperature of the parts of the ...
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