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Pancetta is a salumi made of salt-cured pork belly meat.

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Is there a way to make bacon a decent substitute for pancetta in Italian dishes?

I live in a place where Pancetta is really hard to find, and when I do, it's completely overpriced. When I make some Carbonara or Gricia, both recipes from where I come from, I have to improvise it ...
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Pancetta leaking into cheesecloth

I cured my Mangalitsa pancetta for 7 days and it was stiff. Then I rolled it and it got very soft. I double covered it with cheesecloth and now it is leaking into the cheesecloth. Is this good, bad or ...
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2 answers

Is there a good way to make vegetarian carbonara?

My partner is now a vegetarian, and one food I miss cooking for dinner together is spaghetti carbonara. What would a good substitute for the pancetta/bacon be? The role of the pork is not just the ...
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Using Cheesecloth for Pancetta

I am making pancetta for the first time and I've just taken it out of the cure to dry. I have rolled it and am ready to hang it. Before I hang it, what are the pros and cons of wrapping it in ...
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Pancetta Mold. How to tell whether it's safe to eat?

I've been hanging my own Pancetta based on the recipe in Ruhlman's 'Charcuterie' book. Some small white dots of mold have started to appear. I want to identify whether this mold is to be expected or ...
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What is the difference between pancetta and bacon?

I see pancetta next to the bacon at a local butcher and was wondering what the difference was between the two?
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What can I substitute for Guanciale?

Guanciale is something I've never seen in the UK. What can I use as a substitute? Or, alternatively, is there somewhere I can source this in the UK? Note: I'm thinking of experimenting with an ...
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