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a soft acid-set uncured cheese

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How to give more earthy flavour to dishes?

Once when I was on a flight, I was served what I now identify to be palek paneer, and I thought it was really nice because it had a nice earthy flavor. I tried cooking it myself today by a recipe I ...
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Paneer melts like Mozzarella cheese in my curry

When I make my paneer and store it, it is firm and I am able to cut it into cubes. But when I add it to a curry sauce at the end or when I try to shallow fry it, it melts like Moz. I make it with ...
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How is Paneer Melting in Cheena Poda dessert?

In this (16:09) Video the Master Chef Chintan Pandya has made a delicious dessert "Cheena Poda" in which the cheena (Paneer) seems to melt. Which is not possible because while making paneer ...
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Too tomatoey gravy?

I saw this video. He is cooking Paneer Tikka Masala. He used 6-7 tomatoes to make gravy for the curry. My question is that, when I cook and add so many tomatoes its taste is too tomatoey. Am I missing ...
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Why does cheese need boiling while paneer not?

I am from Syria, but currently I am living in India. Back in my country we have to boil the cheese (and the milk) before consuming, otherwise it may carry harmful bacteria. One of my friends was taken ...
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1 ltr Milk is not curdling even after squeezing 2 lemons; What could possibly wrong?

I was trying to make Paneer (a type of cheese). So I boiled once then added 2 table spoons of lemon juice. Milk should be separated out instantly from water but it's been 20 minutes.. And milk is ...
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How to make paneer at home like the packaged ones?

whenever I make paneer, it is somewhat sticky on the teeth and doesn't give that 'squeaky' feel. I use the packaged pasteurized full cream milk.
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Is there any way that we can harden US store bought Cottage Cheese to make Indian Paneer?

So today I got a box of Daily Chef Cottage Cheese unaware that it will have lumps of cheese flowing in gooey liquid. What I wanted to make was Indian Paneer Curry! Is there any way I can harden it by ...
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How to check freshness of paneer

I normally buy paneer only if it's packed within previous day of two. Apart from checking the date of packaging, is there anyway to check whether the paneer is fresh or sour? Also, when paneer itself ...
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Deep freezing paneer (cottage cheese)?

I have a packet of cottage cheese ( paneer ) and it advises me not to deep freeze it? I can't understand why. Any help? I had it deep frozen right from the time I bought it. It is also 3 days past its ...
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How much milk do I need to make 100 g Paneer?

How much full cream milk do I need to make 100 g Paneer (Cottage cheese) at home?
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What is the difference between malai paneer and paneer?

What is the difference between paneer and malai paneer? My wife asked me to buy paneer. In the shop I saw malai paneer and bought it. Are they the same?
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Substitue for paneer? Have low fat milk, plain youghurt, cream cheese and butter

I have a recipie for Skewered Pumpkin (from India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant). Basically it's grated pumpkin, paneer, onion, breadcrumbs and spices moulded into a sausage shape around a skewer and ...
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Why would rasagullas break while cooking?

My latest batch of rasagullas were a disaster. As soon as I dropped them into the cooker, they started disintegrating. I realized the entire affair will turn out to be a super waste of effort and time....
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How spicy is authentic, traditional Palak paneer?

I have heard that the spiciness of Palak paneer is regional, but I don't have any historical or geographical facts to confirm this. So, is there anybody around here that knows if a proper, old-school ...
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Does paneer have to be cooked?

I want to just toss it into some indian food I have. Does it need to be cooked first or is it ok if it just warms up a bit when I throw it in the sauce?
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Can you make cheese curds with pasteurized milk?

I have this recipe for cheese curds that I want to try:, but it specifically calls for raw milk which is near to impossible to get here. ...
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How do I make paneer firm and chewy like in the restaurant?

Recently I've taken a liking to Indian cuisine and am trying to replicate the curry experience at home. The biggest problem I'm having is with the paneer cheese, which is used in curries I like the ...
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How do you make paneer?

I've seen the ingredient list of a brand of paneer with an ingredient list of: Milk, Citric Acid. Ok, so what is the process from there? I have a few specific questions: What kind of milk do you need?...
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