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Is eating papaya fruit with seeds safe?

I once blended whole papaya with seeds to prepare smoothie. After consuming it, I experienced abdominal cramps. I would like to find it if the experience was due to the papaya smoothie I consumed.
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Can one tell from the outside whether a papaya has seeds?

Some papayas have no or virtually no seeds: Sometimes it has many seeds Can one tell from the outside whether a papaya has seeds?
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How do i dry papaya in oven?

I like to use papaya powder in my kitchen. Green papaya doesn't have a long shelf life, so I'd like a method to dry it in my oven and make my own papaya powder.
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Is there any other substitute of papaya paste to tenderize the mutton or beef?

To tenderize mutton for BBQ I use fresh papaya paste, but it is not available in some areas. Are there any alternatives to papaya paste that could be easily found?
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Is there a papaya substitute in salads?

Is there a substitute for green papayas in green papaya salad? The papayas in U.S. supermarket are not the same, even if you use them green.
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