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Can vegetable oil be infused with paprika without heating?

Some recipes, particularly for salad dressings, have a step where you are expected to heat a minuscule amount (e.g. 2 Tbsps) of a vegetable oil and cook paprika in it for a brief period of time (e.g. ...
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Canned Peppers: Very subtle acidic taste

I opened a jar of roasted peppers I canned about a month ago. Because it was a big jar and it ended up lacking water I put it in my 4C° fridge. It was canned at about 120C°-125C° without any additives ...
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How to pressure can grilled paprika

I would like to pressure can grilled paprika, which is a traditional Bulgarian preserve and looks like this: Normally this is done by grilling the paprika on very high heat for a short amount of time,...
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Why did my stew not taste sweet?

I made a stew with garam masala and paprika only( I would have expected it to taste sweet however it didnt and was lacking ...
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Confused about cayenne pepper, chili powder and paprika

What is the difference between cayenne pepper, chilli powder, and paprika powder? They seem pretty similar. Are they interchangeable in recipes? Will it be a big difference if I substitute one for ...
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What does it mean when powdered ingredients get thin strings?

I have found some strange strings in powdered ingredients in my kitchen. First time I noticed it in my instant coffee jar and I thought it maybe some kind of worm so I discarded the jar. Today I was ...
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How to add paprika flavor to mayonnaise without paprika color

My homemade mayonnaise is always a little "flat" tasting compared to commercial. Most commercial mayo includes paprika, which I do not. How does one add paprika flavor to homemade mayo without ...
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What type of Paprika

If a recipe calls for "paprika", what type should I use? Does it mean Hungarian, Spanish, California? Also, what type, Hot, Bittersweet, Sweet?
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How is south african paprika different from Hungarian paprika?

I am planning to make a spice blend, and the recipe I am using calls for south african paprika. Stores near me only have Hungarian paprika. How different are the flavors between these two varieties ...
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Can I cut chili powder with Paprika?

I live in Africa, but cook with US recipes often. I have found that the locally available chili powder is MUCH more intense than it is in the US. So much so that making a custom taco seasoning yielded ...
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How do I achieve a light and even 'dusting' of paprika?

I'm trying to perfect my seared and roasted pork loin chops, and I'm hitting a bit of an obstacle. Part of my recipe involves a very light dusting of smoked paprika after being seared, prior to going ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Does Paprika extract actually taste of Paprika?

I’m looking to use paprika extract to flavour a dish, however upon googling it there really is no mention of this extract being used in this context. From what I can see its use is mainly to colour ...
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What determines the variety of paprika to use in recipes?

Spanish smoked paprika is powerful stuff that can enhance or overpower a dish. How do I judge when, how much, and which type of paprika (Spanish, Hungarian, sweet, hot, smoked, etc.) to use?
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What type of Paprika is the generic stuff one buys at a grocery store chain?

I have read this very good link on the differences in paprika, but I did not learn all that I need to learn as far as buying these different varieties. When I go to my grocery chain to do my weekly ...
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Pimenton ahumado vs. Pimenton de la vera

Besides the noticeable cost difference between these two, what is the difference between pimenton ahumado and pimenton de la vera? Both are purported to be Spanish smoked paprika.
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What are the differences between various types of paprika, and which have the most flavor?

I've tried various different brands of paprika but none seem to have any flavor. Can anyone recommend a kind of paprika that is less bland? For example, I've seen certain "special" varieties such as ...
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