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The tag can also be used for parbaking and parboiling.

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2 answers

Should I parbake the bottom crust for a savory pie?

I'm making a savory pie - basically stew in a pie crust. Do I want to parbake the bottom crust of my pie for this? Will doing so make it more or less likely that the bottom crust ends up as a soggy ...
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Parcooking Root Vegetables for Roasting the Day Before

Every Thanksgiving a family favorite is roasted root vegetables. Specifically: Rutabagas Parsnips (Heirloom) Carrots Beets I cut the vegetables into 0.5x0.5in (1.25x1.25 cm) strips of approximately ...
7 votes
5 answers

Can I roast a chicken over 2 time periods?

I currently work in home office but in the late afternoon I pick up my kids from school, we spend some time on the playground and usually only come home half an hour before dinner time. For soups I ...
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What are some methods for parcooking hamburgers?

Im trying to find a faster way to serve cheeseburgers. I was thinking maybe i could par cook 10-15 patties up to 90% done right before rush hour then store them in a steam table with beef broth, then ...
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Parcooking carrots and green beans for an already well-seasoned casserole

I will be heating an otherwise perfectly-seasoned casserole dish for an hour. (Time constraint non-negotiable! But temperature flexible.) I want to add fresh carrots and green beans but am wondering ...
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3 answers

Reheating grilled hamburger patties

We grilled a bunch of meats for a large party. Now I have leftover hamburgers, hotdogs, and bratwursts. Note these are still “bare” meat items, not assembled hamburgers etc. What’s the best way to re-...
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What is the difference in blanching and parboiling?

From the time I was very young and just beginning to cook, I always heard about blanching but never heard of parboiling. I learned how to blanch vegetables to prepare for freezing, removing skins from ...
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Would it be advisable to partially pre-grill hamburgers and freeze so that they can be pan fried when a customer orders?

I have a small restaurant and we serve hamburgers. But we are trying to speed up service and thinking of ways to do that. We don't have a commercial grill, so heating up a grill takes too much time. I ...