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How can I fix my parsnip puree? [closed]

So I've been trying to up my cooking/plating game. I see that in many Michelin Star restaurants it's almost a meme to plate some protein on a vegetable 'puree' base, put some flowers and greens on top,...
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Baby parsnips vs. parsley root

I cooked parsnips for the first time this week (glad I did - delicious). When the produce clerk pointed them out, I asked if he had baby parsnips instead (as the recipe called for them). He pointed ...
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Why are parsnips sold pre-clipped?

In Swedish and, I'm led to believe, British supermarkets, parsnips are often sold pre-clipped. Topped and tailed. If I have a choice, I prefer to buy my veg with a few leaves on so I can see how ...
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How to clean and trim parsnips?

I have some parsnips, and recipe for them which said to: Wash and scrape parsnips, and cut into 2 inch strips. Place into 2 inches of boiling water, and cook for 10 minutes, covered. Drain, add ...
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