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Pastry dough is made of fat, flour and a thin liquid. It is typically light and flaky with a tender inside.

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Eggless choux pastry recipe yields paper-thin top, gooey bottom

I'm trying to make eggless choux pastries for an egg-allergic friend (my eventual targets are croques-en-bouche and saint-honorés). I have experience with choux pastry, but I've never made an eggless ...
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Creating some flakiness inside a Belgian Liege waffle

I have a pretty good basic recipe for Belgian Liege waffles. Its as follows: 1 egg, 40g butter, 5g salt, 20g sugar, 250g flour, 6g dry yeast, 90ml milk, once the ingredients are combined and the dough ...
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Why are my croissants heavy?

I have been experimenting with croissants and found that, delicious as they are, they are dense, not light and fluffy. The layers are very close together, not open with vast pockets of air. I have ...
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Can you add rice flour to pastries to make them flakier?

The goal with many pastries seems to be limiting gluten development, by reducing the amount of water (e.g. replacing water with vodka in pie doughs) or reducing the time that the dough is handled to ...
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Do you need to boil the liquid used to make the perfect hot water pastry?

Scalding flour is the process where the flour starch is gelatinised by the addition of very hot water (See I'm assuming here that a very similar ...
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How to keep profiteroles fresh

I am having family over for dinner soon, and would like to make profiteroles for dessert. I will, however, be busy during the daytime and will only have an hour or so before people arrive for dinner, ...
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