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How to set runny paté?

Due to a shortage of ingredients I made pate using odd proportions of ingredients and my pate hasn't set at all. Can anyone suggest ways to help it set? Would heating it up and evaporating off some ...
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Which herbs are cooked and which go raw, when making fish pate

I'm cooking a salmon pate. I intend to use parsley, rosemary, garlic, pepper and lemon as seasoning. I'm not sure which of these I should cook with the salmon, and which should go in the blender? ...
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Pectin vs Agar Agar vs Gelatin for Pate de Fruits

I was reading up on the difference between Pectin, Agar Agar and Gelatin. From what I read for use in cooking as thickening or gellatinizing agents there isn't any real or significant difference. So ...
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Could you use a bread tin as a pate mould?

I have bread tins and was wondering if they would work as pate molds? I'm just a little bit worried that they will rust. Also I have seen videos where youtubers line the mold with plastic to get the ...
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Why did James Bond heat up the knife for his foie gras?

I was reading Fleming's Casino Royale and ran into the following curious detail, when describing James Bond's meal: Later, as Bond was finishing his first straight whisky ‘on the rocks’ and was ...
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Ballotine of Foie Gras - chop or not?

I am in the process of making a ballotine of foie gras. The liver has been cleaned of veins and is currently in 2 large pieces. It has been marinading in Sauternes / salt / pepper for the last 24 ...
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How to prevent cheese and certain other products from stinking up my fridge?

Certain food products have a very strong odor, that may not seem annoying at all when I buy them, but become very much apparent after I keep them in the fridge for a few hours. For example these ...
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Pâtés raw from inside in another oven - how to make them right in this oven?

We used to do different pâtés in one oven, they are always great. For Christmas we can use different oven and, so far, three pâtés were raw from inside. Could you advice what configuration of oven to ...
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Terrine shrunk during cooking

I did my first terrine this weekend. I used this recipe with 300g rabbit meat, 100g rabbit livers, 300g pork cheeks and 300g lard, marinaded in armagnac, white wine and salt overnight, minced, mixed ...
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Make pate easier to spread

When i get my Pâté out of the fridge, and try to spread it on bread, I notice it gets really chunky and hard to spread all over the slice. I have tried other pates that are much softer and spread ...
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Which ingredient gives Chicken Pate its flavor?

I just made my first Chicken Pate using the Old-school chicken liver parfait recipe. It tastes amazing just as I was hoping. My question is, where does the unique Pate flavor come from? I find the ...
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why did my liverwurst get crumbly?

i'm pretty decent at doing rustic pates in a terrine mold, but wanted to expand my skill set... so i decided to make liverwurst for the first time. I used 1:1 ratio of pork liver and very fatty pork ...
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How is Pâté made? What are the ingredients?

How is it made and what are the ingredients?
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