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Questions about pizza preparation, baking, and equipment.

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Adding xanthin gum to regular flour containing gluten

I'm using regular bread flour and adding additional gluten when making pizza dough to get a nice stretchy dough. Will adding xanthin gum provide any additional improvements to the texture when using ...
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Can one use a mix of white rice flour with regular white flour sourdough to make a pizza crust? If so then what ratio might be the best?

I have a regular active sourdough (comprising 50% fermented white wheat flour and 50% water by weight) which is obviously not really malleable as a dough but rather liquid-ish, and I did not like the ...
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What causes a food to become tough as opposed to crispy or flaky when pan frying or baking?

When making dosa or pizza, I like to try to get the dosa or pizza crust to be crispy, so I often cook or bake a bit longer. I can achieve crispiness, but it seems to come at the expense of making ...
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How can I make my pizza dough easier to work?

I run a wood fired pizza van and I currently make about 40kg of dough a week in a spiral mixer. The dough cooks brilliantly and tastes great, but it's very difficult to work with, particularly with ...
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My pizza dough is too dense

Followed two different pizza dough recipes before even getting to letting them rose I know something was wrong. Felt like too dry, dense and not at all sticky. We used bread flour. Warmed the water ...
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White dots on pizza or focaccia after baking

Sometimes I prepare a pizza dough that is a "direct" knead, no fancy preparations, works with all-purpose flour, rises in a couple of hours with regular yeast, about 70% hydration, olive oil ...
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Pizza fries getting burnt

I am trying pizza fries. As shown in this video. Pizza sticks are getting burnt from outer side while baking. What should I do to prevent them? Ingredients I am using Pizza break, Pizza sauce , ...
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