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4 answers

Layering of Moussaka

I cannot find a definitive layering of aubergine/eggplant, meat sauce, potato, bechamel and cheese for 'authentic' moussaka: quite a variety in the order from good sources. So, what is the best order ...
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Is there somewhere I can see a diverse range of plating options?

I'm not very good at plating, but I'm okay at copying ways that other chefs have plated their foods. I recently watched a video where two chefs make and plate a dish, and then compare their results to ...
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How do I scoop ice cream into spherical scoops every time?

During the coming summer months, I for once want to have a couple of home-made ice cream sundaes with proper spherical scoops of the type you get at an ice saloon or restaurant. The problem is that I ...
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Can you help me identify this garnish?

I recently visited a restaurant and was served this gorgeous lemon meringue tart. Can you help me identify which plant this green garnish belongs to?
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3 answers

Savoury version of caramel or sugar cage

I am a hobbyist cook, who has recently taken to attempting elegant plating and presentation. I particularly like to make "gourmet" versions of classic dishes (nothing novel about that I know). My ...
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Where to buy football/quenelle/shell-like scoop/mold/mould [food presentation]?

Some places serve rice in a football/quenelle/shell-like shaped scoop/mold/mould for food presentation. It's consistent at many teriyaki places so I suspect it's something you can purchase. I've ...
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What are the advantages of serving fries in a metal cone?

We ate at BURGR a few weeks ago. And we had a burger and fries. The burgers were good - 7 out of 10. The fries were served in a cone. Now when my wife and I were eating the (truffle) fries we both ...
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What's the correct way to garnish with greens?

So a number of dishes I've constructed have called for me to garnish the final dish with a bit of parsley or mint or something similar for color or taste or overall visual appeal. However, it seems ...
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Is it a known technique to serve hot crispy-crust sandwiches on edge?

So, I'm not a chef and there are few foods I'm good at cooking. Grilled sandwiches, however, I would say are one of these few. Of course, for such sandwiches, with grilled or toasted bread, the ...
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How to make a dessert with dynamically opening flower petals?

Anyone has any idea how to make petals open when sauce is poured onto the plate like pictured in this video? I realize it requires a lot of artistic skills to do it on this level, but what is the ...
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Making that little butter thing you put on top of steak

So, how do I do it? It's delicious and adds a bit of class. Any suggestions as to what I should compose it out of?
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1 answer

Is carnival glass safe for serving food?

My grandmother-in-law left us a very large collection of carnival glass. This has led to a mild debate over whether it is safe to use. Are there foods that shouldn't be served on carnival glass? What ...
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What should I look for when buying a ramen bowl?

I live in Italy and I love ramen, but I can't seem to identify the characteristics that make for a good Japanese hot noodle serving bowl. What's a good capacity? Is there a well-known substitute that ...
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2 answers

How do I roll or wrap up pasta into a log-like shape for presentation?

How do I roll or wrap up pasta into a log-like shape for presentation? Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 Do they use some kind of tool to wrap the pasta around?
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What Sampling Bread to use for Pulled Pork, open faced? [closed]

I'm making a bacon based chili with smoked pulled pork (orange juice marinade by injection, smoked dried pusilla/ancho/guajillo rub) where I reserve all the liquid at the end of the process, roux it ...
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How to warm plates before serving?

I realize that serving on warmed dishes is preferable to serving on cold/room temp dishes, so as not to leach the heat out of your freshly-cooked food. How can I warm my plates? I have two kinds ...
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