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White efflorescence on home-dried prunes

After a year or so of storage in ZipLoc bags in the fridge, my home-dried prunes have developed a bit of whitish crust. At first I thought it was mold, but it seems like a crystalline efflorescence, ...
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Can I make jam out of bottled plums?

I have 4 large jars of plums (Santa Rosa), which I bottled. The instructions said sugar would not be needed, however, they are so sour they are awful!!! What can I do with them rather than throw them ...
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Simple way to pit plums

I have a large amount of small plums, and have spent hours pitting enough to make a crumble. I cut them in half and squeezed the pit out. Is there an easy way to pit large quantities of plums?
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How much citric acid powder to use when preparing fruit for drying

I am preparing prune plums for drying and want to keep them from discoloring.
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Sweet plums going tart as I chew

I have noticed that when I eat a plum that at least near the skin layer my sweet receptors are first activated by the plum juice and flesh but the more I chew it(doesn't matter if it is flesh or skin) ...
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What could cause a sudden loss of sour flavor?

Background During the weekend, my mother made a plum cake and put slices of plum on top. She gave me a piece to try and it was sweet and good for ~1.5 seconds before my face puckered from how sour it ...
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Plum preserving/storage method that tastes like plums, not prunes (I just picked 30 lbs)

I just did some neighborhood foraging and picked 30 pounds of red plums. They are delicious, but even I will have trouble eating them all this week. Last year we made jam/preserves but it ended up ...
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roast duck leg with plum sauce

I'm thinking of roasting some duck legs on a bed of plums, much like the recipe here does with breast. However, it suggests simply blending the bed of plums once the roasting is over - will legs ...
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Simple things to do with very tart plums? [closed]

We got a bag of purple plums from our CSA that have a great flavor and seem ripe, but that are very tart. I'm the only person in the family who really likes sour fruit, and they are pretty sour even ...
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mysterious green middle eastern plums

I was on a trip to the middle east a year or so ago around mid spring. I was offered what looked like a green plum. The taste was very sour and hard (not soft like a plum). The locals called it "...
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