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Can you help me identify this dish?

Kurczak po Chińsku (or Chinesse Chicken) This is a very popular dish sold in Vietnamese restaurants in Poland. Is this an authentic dish? (I guess not!) What is its real name?
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What is the English name for chleb bez maki?

Can't remember how I stumbled onto this but everything I google for chleb bez maki is in Polish. Can't find a Wikipedia article. Is this a traditional polish bread? What is the English name for it? ...
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Good thread for tying meat

I want to prepare kotlet de volaille. It'a a bit like Cordon Bleu, but using the natural pocket in chicken breast, and inside is just butter and fresh herbs. I thought about tying the meat with a ...
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Is this fish dish actually Greek in origin?

In Poland, where I live, a certain fish dish became very popular not so very long ago. It's called "ryba po grecku" which essentially translates to "Greek-style fish". The recipe is not particularly ...
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What is the authentic way to cook pierogi?

I've been buying pre-packaged pierogi from Trader Joe's and local Polish delis. But I can't seem to get a straight or consistent answer on how you are supposed to cook them. Should you steam pierogi, ...
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