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Do you wash before consuming already cut parts of fruits?

There are some super markets and stores that sell the fruits already cut. E.g. containers with pomegranate seeds. In such cases, do you usually wash them before consumption?
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How to efficiently separate bad from good pomegranate arils?

I've read about various techniques to get arils out of a pomegranate, including from this StackExchange site ( e.g. how to peel a pomegranate efficiently? ), but a problem that continues to vex me is ...
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Pomegranate Chicken

The other night I made a derived version of pomegranate chicken and came up with a few questions. The recipe I used was: 1/2 pomegranate (smashed) 1/4 cup of water 3/4 cup of powdered sugar 1 oz. ...
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Pomegranate juice ceviche

I want to make a ceviche and although the 'traditional' acids are lemon and lime, I have a desire to use pomegranate juice but I'm concerned that the pH is too low to denature the proteins in the fish....
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Can I candy pomegranate?

It seems that making candied fruit is easy: cut it thin and boil in sugar syrup until ready. I'd like to make candied pomegranate, keeping the seed-surrounding bubbles intact. Will it work, or will ...
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How should pomegranates be stored?

What is the proper way to store a pomegranate? How long can they be stored for at room temperature? Would refrigerating pomegranates cause any problems (I'm a little worried about the fridge getting ...
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Why are my pomegranate seeds white?

I just seeded a pomegranate, and instead of red / deep pink seeds, the seeds are pale pink / white. What does this mean? Are they ok to eat?
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how to peel a pomegranate efficiently?

Two well known facts about pomegranates: they are yummy they are a pain to peel by hand do you know of any efficient ways to peel pomegranates? by efficient i mean two things: quick minimum number ...
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What are ways to extract the juice from a pomegranate?

Is there an efficient way to extract the juice from a fresh pomegranate?
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