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Questions tagged [pork-belly]

Questions about preparing or handling pork belly: the slab-like cut of meat from the outside of the pig's ribs

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Pork belly strips and ribs

I’d like to know if I can safely lay down pork belly slices on top of pork ribs while smoking? I’m using a pellet grill/smoker at 200-225 degrees for 6 hours.
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Roughly how long should I cook 3.5kg pork belly ribs in electric smoker?

I know they are done when they are tender—not at a set number of hours. But we need to eat at about 6pm for logistical reasons. Was thinking of putting them in at 4am so 13h total cook time + 1h rest....
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Sear pork belly before or after cooking in a pressure cooker?

I've been trying different pork belly recipes, after trying a few using a pressure cooker and a few that only call for pan-searing, I think I'd like to try a combination of both, since that works ...
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How can I keep a slow roasted pork belly roll warm while roasting potatoes?

I'm hosting a dinner at mine in two weekends time (a first for me!) and have already noticed where my main may not end up as tasty as I'd hope. I'm looking to roast a roll of pork belly at around ...
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Is it possible to make pork belly very soft with a pressure cooker?

I recently bought a pressure cooker and I have been learning about all sorts of different ways to make things that I normally would slow cook faster with the pressure cooker. However, a lot of forums ...
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Pork Belly - served with soft fat [closed]

I have been to two restaurants now and been really disappointed with their pork belly as I was expecting the fat would come crispy. When it didn't, the waitress said "Chef said it's slow cooked, so ...
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Curing with smoked salt

I have a question about Ruhlman’s home cured bacon recipe. I do not have a smoker and I know the smoking step is optional but I was thinking that if I used Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes instead of the ...
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Why do most belly pork recipes recommend cooking the pork at a high temperature at the beginning of cooking?

Most belly pork recipes recommend cooking the meat at a high temperature at the beginning. And then lowering it for a number of hours. However, I have found that when I do that, the skin rarely forms ...
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Crispy pork belly, how can I cook the inside more?

I recently discovered that there is an Asian market in my neighborhood. I was thrilled to discover it. I ended up purchasing a bit of pork belly cooked on-site and highly recommended by the owner. She ...
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How to reheat pork belly: keep the crackling crackly?

I cooked a kilo pork belly yesterday with a very nice crackling in a roasting pan with a rack so that the pork does not touch the pan. Once we had dinner, I put it in the fridge without covering (in ...
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