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Cook kan-kan pork-chop in BBQ

A Kan-Kan pork-chop is a “a bone-in loin chop, with a strap of belly and the skin still attached”. It is often fried so that the attached skin is crisp. I would like to BBQ them but the problem is ...
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Marinade and Smoke Chips

I am planning on doing a pork crown for Christmas and have zeroed in on this recipe, which calls for a marinade: I also would like to have a smokey flavor, ...
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I left porkchops out to thaw over night can i cook them still [duplicate]

I i left porkchops out to thaw i forgotten about them and left them out all night is it ok to cook still
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Frying then finishing breaded pork chops in the oven

I want to pan fry first then finish in the oven. For 1" pork chops how long to I bake & at what temperature. Thanks
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How to make 1/2 inch thick porkchop brown but tender?

Cheap porkchop cuts here in the Philippines are only 1/2 inch thick. It's so hard to brown them or give them color while frying, but still keep it tender. Everytime it's the right color, it's already ...
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How do you prevent the flour/cornstarch in pork chops from falling off after pan-frying and still be crunchy?

I coat my pork chops with cornstarch with seasonings (salt, five-spice, etc.) before pan frying. After pan-frying, the coatings easily fell of from the pork chops. How do you prevent the coating from ...
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Salting Pork Chops

I have this idea of how I want to make pork chops. I don't know if it is a good idea so I'm asking about it here. I want to take about two kg of pork chops, salt them with kosher salt for about two ...
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Can I still use the Pork juice dripings after I strain out the pieces of fat storaged in a roaster overnight at room temp? [duplicate]

Help! I was involved in a Pork chop BBQ yesterday. we did 500 dinners & The guy in charge of it has been doing it for 20 yrs. He makes his own juices in the bottom of a roaster with Lowery's salt &...
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Is it safe to cook pork chops that thawed on counter overnight? [duplicate]

Is it safe to cook pork that thawed on the counter overnight?
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Need Help on Cooking Thick Pork Chops to Temperature

Recently I attempted once again to pan-saute bone-in pork chops. I have a recipe which calls for 1" thick such chops. I had a choice between selecting 1/3", or 1.5" chops. I chose the 1.5" ones. The ...
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What are double-cut chops?

I was in a restaurant recently and the menu included "double-cut pork chop". The person I was with ordered this, but it looked like an ordinary pork chop to me. (I don't eat pork so I don't have a ...
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Are smoked pork chops from the butcher safe to eat without any further cooking?

I bought a smoked pork chop from the butcher yesterday, and assumed I would cook it like any other pork chop, but after looking at it, it seems like it may be edible as is. The appearance is close to ...
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Preparing breaded pork chops

Is it OK to bread the chops and put them in the frig for a few hours before frying, or will that just make the breading soggy?
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Tenderness of sous-vide pork chops

I made some sous vide pork chops this week that didn't turn out as tender as I expected. They were about as tender as when I grill them; maybe a little bit worse. I had marinated them overnight in a ...
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Achieve crosshatch on grilled pork chop?

I know that putting a crosshatch on a pork chop won't increase its flavor but I like the presentation. Generally, I either rotate my chops too early or too late, resulting in torn meat or no ...
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How do you cook pork chops without drying them out?

Every time I cook pork chops, they come out dry even though I only cook them to 150 degrees. I broil them btw, like they said to at the store. Is there a way to prevent this?
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