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How do I get a space between my pork filling and the hot water raised crust?

I tried to make a hand raised pork pie and made the jelly from pigs' trotters and bones but when I tried to pour it down the hole it seems there is no space between the filling and the crust. How do i ...
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Too much smoke flavor

We received several pork items as gifts that have way too much smoke flavor, these items are several types of brats, bacon and pork patties along with a mesquite chicken breast. How can I remove some ...
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Kassler vs Pork Shoulder vs butt

I need to cook pork for a large party. Due to price and amount issues I would prefer cooking kassler (pork neck) but the recipes I found for pork discuss almost every other part of the pig except neck....
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Removing hog taste from pork

My niece married a man from Mexico and he wants her to make her pork chops not taste like hog. I suggested marinating them in lime juice and season with some Mexican seasoning. Do you think this ...
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Cook kan-kan pork-chop in BBQ

A Kan-Kan pork-chop is a “a bone-in loin chop, with a strap of belly and the skin still attached”. It is often fried so that the attached skin is crisp. I would like to BBQ them but the problem is ...
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Pork belly strips and ribs

I’d like to know if I can safely lay down pork belly slices on top of pork ribs while smoking? I’m using a pellet grill/smoker at 200-225 degrees for 6 hours.
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Mcdonald's Sausage patty - brined?

I've been trying make my own sausage patty recipe for some time now. But recently, after eating a Sausage McMuffin, I wondered if Mcdonald's uses brined pork sausage for their sausage patties. After ...
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How long & at what temp do I cook stuffed pork sirloin roast?

I have a supermarket, stuffed pork sirloin roast. I want to make it today. It wieghs 2.80# How long and at what temp do I cook it, and should it be covered or uncovered? I've never made one of ...
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Really pink Chinese BBQ Pork (Char Siu): Safe to eat?

I know Chinese BBQ Pork is definitely red/pink on the outside extending into the meat somewhat, and I know that the USDA now says that pink pork is safe to eat (another taboo from my youth gone) - but ...
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