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Questions with this tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Portugal.

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Proper size of Portuguese custard tart

On Amazon, I see that most of the egg tart molds have dimensions ~7 cm top diameter ~4 cm bottom diameter ~2 cm height However, I then see some other molds seemingly from Portugal with dimensions 7....
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Why cook octopus with an onion?

I've been following all the rule books on how to cook fresh/thawed octopus, specifically to "frighten" the octopus before cooking. The "frightening" is a quick 10 second bath in ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Replicating the thin, soft crust of Portuguese Sweet Bread

When I try to replicate Portuguese Sweet Bread (Massa Sovada) from places like Fall River, Massachusetts, the crust on my bread comes out thick and hard, whereas the bakery versions have a thin, soft ...
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Is very slow smoking of meat allowed commercially in the US?

Many Portuguese sausages, especially in the Trás-os-Montes region, are prepared by smoking for weeks or even months. Examples include chouriço, salpicão, paio, etc. I don't seem to be able to find ...
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Why does the grated coconut "float" to the top of quindim while baking?

Quindim is a typical Brazilian dessert made from sugar, egg yolks, butter and grated coconut. All those ingredients are mixed (yolks and sugar first, then the butter, then the grated coconut, in my ...
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2 answers

What caused the crust on on the top of my bread to separate from the rest of the loaf?

I used this Portuguese sweet bread recipe. The bread came out with a great crumb, great flavor, and a great crust. The problem is that the crust on the top separated from the crumb on the top of the ...
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3 answers

Can I use store-bought custard for Portuguese Tarts?

I always make my own custard when I bake Portuguese Tarts but want to take a shortcut. Can I use store-bought custard to make Portuguese Tarts? What kind of custard do I need to buy? Should it be at ...
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Island cheese — Azorean (or Portuguese)

I have a recipe that uses island cheese and I am not sure what type of cheese that is. I've found a place online that sells "Island Cheese" in the Azores but it doesn't describe the type of cheese. ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do you prepare bacalhau before cooking?

A specialty grocery store recently started to sell bacalhau (heavily salted cod fish). I am guessing that a recipe I have for baked codfish would work. Since it is so heavily salted, what should I do ...
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