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How to clean a burnt cast iron pot?

I have this cast iron pot that my friend completely burnt. I was wondering what might be done to save this pot. I realize that this question seems similar to this one but in that one his skillet is ...
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Buying my first set of pots and pans

I have NO idea what I'm doing :). I'm looking to buy some pots/pans for my appartment (just moved out). Considering these:
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Cleaning brown/gray spots on overheated stainless steel stock pot

So my roommate forgot about his boiling water and burned one of the pots pretty bad. The bottom is a dark brown/gray with colored spots underneath (electric range). What are some household remedies ...
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Why not cover the pot?

I have noticed some foods, such as quick-prepare ravioli, specifically state not to cover the pot when warming them. Why should the pot not be covered? I am especially interested in knowing when I ...
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I boiled dry my 18/10 ss pot, is it damaged and unsafe to cook with now

I was boiling eggs and fell asleep. I think it was boiling dry for about an hour, would the pot be unsafe to cook with now? It was clean inside but the outside is now slightly yellow tinged. Does ...
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What's a pan and what's a pot?

In Dutch, we have just one word for pots and pans, which happens to be "pan", so I was surprised to learn about the word "pot". I learned that pans are for frying, which is why they are shallow and ...
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Why is the dishwasher not recommended for my All-Clad MC2 line of pot and pans?

I just looked on the All-Clad website (faq 7 and faq 13). It says that because the MC2 has a brushed aluminum alloy exterior, it mush be hand washed. Why is the dishwasher bad for it? It's just soap ...
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How to address this burnt sugar conundrum

Some Caribbean recipes, such as this Jamaican oxtail stew, ask for browning sauce, which is essentially burnt sugar: Heat a large Dutch oven or a heavy-bottomed pot over high heat. Add brown sugar ...
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I accidentally dropped the lid from a can of diced tomatos in my crockpot of cabbage roll soup! [duplicate]

I went to stir the cabbage roll soup and found the metal lid to the diced tomatoes in the soup. It's been in there for at least an hour with all the food in the crockpot cooking on high. I got it out ...
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Put pork in crock pot and accidentally set to warm [closed]

I put a large pork roast in the crock pot this morning and accidentally set it to warm. I noticed it about 2 hours later and turned it to high. Is it safe to eat or do I need to toss it and buy a new ...
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