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Questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with potato (aka potatoes or spuds) as an ingredient. Questions about dishes which include potato, but are not focused on potatoes, should not use this tag.

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Why are my potatoes sour?

I've noticed that when we roast potatoes in the oven, they will often have a very sharp tangy aftertaste to me, and often that taste will linger in the back of my mouth for a while after I've finished ...
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Risk of eating potato skins with anti-germination treatment

Most potatoes are given a chemical anti-germination treatment to stop them sprouting before we eat them. With crispy potato skins and baked potatoes seen as a luxury, I wondered what research has ...
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When potatoes are part of, say, Bacalao, why aren't they boiled into a mash?

If I boil potatoes for an hour or more they invariably turn into a mash. Why doesn't this happen if the potatoes are part of Bacalao that is left to simmer for a lot longer?
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I'm trying to cook potato pancakes from boxed mix; what am I doing wrong?

This is standard store-bought potato pancake mix, from the Jewish aisle. The instructions are simple enough: beat one egg in medium bowl add 1 cup cold water stir in the mix and let stand 5-10 ...
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Sweet and sticky potato

I have just made very simple french fries (cutting and frying in oil) with some potatoes bought today that turned out to be very different to my usual potatoes. They taste quite sweet, almost in the ...
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Why aren't my potatoes cooked?

I had a 3lb roast on a bed of baby potatoes (smaller than a ping-pong ball but larger than a grape) and onions at 375F for almost 3 hours. The roast came out great (cooked to 150F internally), but the ...
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Does PME activation differ between potato varieties?

Potatoes contain the enzyme pectin-methyl esterase (PME). Par-boiling potatoes at a temperature range between 130F to 140F, activates this enzyme, gelatinising the starch cells in the potato. ...
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My red potatoes seem to have an unusually high amount of eyes. Should I cut them out?

I got a large bag of red potatoes from costco, but it has a lot of eyes and probably 100 dimples all over it. I peeled the first one and extracted the deep eyes and it looks good underneath (no green),...
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Olive oil instead of peanut oil to air fry potato?

I’m allergic to peanut oil, can I use olive oil for baking potatoes in a power air fryer oven elite
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