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Is "until juices run clear" a valid test for poultry doneness? Why or why not?

I've come across this particular recommendation many times in various recipes and cookbooks and probably even given it out myself once or twice. Poultry is sufficiently cooked when the juices run ...
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Does meat/poultry keep in the fridge for just a couple of days after purchase, or a couple of days after the sell-by/use-by date?

I usually freeze all of my meat unless I plan to use it within one day, but I was just wondering whether I could keep some raw chicken in the fridge until Thursday (three days from now). I wanted to ...
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I have two days to thaw a 16 pound turkey; Can I start thawing it in cold water, and do the rest in the fridge?

The calculator here: says I need about four days of thawing, and I only have two. Can I cold water thaw it at the start, and let the rest thaw in the ...
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How to cook a tender quail?

I've had various successes (but mostly failures) with the little birds. I'd like your advise on making it tender as can be. My technique is mostly to sear the outside and then cook for about 20' in a ...
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How to get that crispy skin on a roasted turkey or chicken

I love making roast chicken, but I don't seem to be able to get the skin to crisp to that nice mahogany color, like this: Some of the things I have tried: butterfly and roast at 500 (Alton Brown ...
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