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Cuisine prior to the Columbian Exchange.

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What was Hunanese cuisine like before chili peppers were imported to China?

Today, chilis are strongly associated with Hunanese cuisine, which is regarded as the spiciest Chinese regional cuisine. However, Chinese recipe books didn't start mentioning chilis until the 1790s, ...
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What was Indian food like before the arrival of the chili pepper from the Americas?

One of the things associated with Indian cuisine is heat from chili peppers. Yet, chili peppers can only have been introduced to Asia from their Central and South American homeland after the Spanish ...
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How can I eat or drink chocolate as Montezuma would have consumed it in pre-Columbian Mexico?

I know that pre-Columbian chocolate was less sweet and more bitter, but I can't find a recipe for it. That fact probably means that it doesn't taste great, but I'd like to try it anyway. The closest ...
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How can I cook chicken in a similar way to how it was done in Biblical times?

I want to make a historically accurate biblical meal for a group. I'm using chicken, and serving it with flatbread and an Israeli salad (sans tomatoes and other new world vegetables) Does anyone have ...
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