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A pressure cooker is a pot with a special lid that cooks food faster by regulating the pressure inside the cooker.

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Maillard in a Pressure Cooker

I was reading about frying in On Food And Cooking this weekend and it mentions that frying works so much better than oven cooking because oil has a far higher specific heat than air so it is able to ...
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Why would a pressure cooker shorten a braise time?

Say I'm braising a pork shoulder. As i understand it, the point is to maintain a temperature that will melt collagen, while staying below a temperature that would toughen the meat. A good temp for ...
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why use a pressure cooker for collagen to gelatin conversion?

I was watching S13E16 of Good Eats and to cook his chicken for "chicken and dumplings", he places an old hen (instead of a rooster) in the pressure cooker at the maximum temperature & pressure. I'...
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What kinds of pressure cookers are there, and what are they good for?

I have never owned a pressure cooker, nor been in a kitchen which has one. But they have been a topic around the site and the blog lately, so I got curious. When I took a look, I noticed that they ...
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How to use a pressure cooker for frozen chicken?

I would like to cook frozen chicken breasts in a pressure cooker for shredding and making chicken mole. I do not want to add anything except water, but I'm having a hard time finding specific ...
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Differences between rice/pressure/multi/slow cooker?

I'm really confused about what these products are supposed to do, and if some products can do the same as others in the following list. What are the differences between the following devices? Rice ...
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Canning in a Pressure Cooker

Well, unfortunately the present my mom got me last Christmas turned out to be a pressure cooker and not a pressure canner. I've read that it is unsafe to can low acid foods using a pressure cooker. ...
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Fix for Greasy Pulled Pork?

The Problem: Recently, I've been on a pulled pork kick. My go-to method has quickly become pressure cooking, since it's relatively quick and it allows me to set the timer and forget about cooking for ...
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How can I tell if the food inside a pressure cooker is done cooking?

I've been looking into getting a pressure cooker since it works on the premise of increasing the boiling temp of water thereby cooking things more quickly. Operating on the premise that a pressure ...
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What types of cooking are pressure cookers most useful for?

We were just clearing out our kitchen and stared at this brand new, unused pressure cooker we got for our wedding over 10 years ago! We've never felt the need to use it before. I know it's supposed ...
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Using Pressure Cooker to Make Bone Broth

I have always read that when making bone broth you should keep the heat to around 180F and do not let it get to an aggressive boil because it will emulsify the fat into the broth and also because you ...
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pressure cooker overflowing while cooking soup

All my life I've cooked soup in a big, old (over 30 years old) pressure cooker. I'd boil all the vegetables in it, open it to blend them all together, then add cabbage and let it boil anew. Now, in ...
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Why does the Instant Pot use pressure while steaming?

I think this question falls under "equipment", but if it's off-topic, please close and I'll delete it. I recently acquired an Instant Pot. To my surprise, its "steam" setting generates and uses ...
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Can you make popcorn in a pressure cooker?

Will the temperature become too high and will the popcorn burn? Can anything bad happen? Edit: Picture tells the tale. On the left, 5 minutes under pressure. On the right 3,5 minutes without ...
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Can pressure canning be replaced water bath canning?

I wanted to make and can, my Grandma's tomato soup. However I don't have a pressure canner. I made the soup in a 15 PSI pressure cooker and then poured it into sterilized jars and then canned it in a ...
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Split beans in a pressure cooker?

I just got a Presto 6qt. Pressure Cooker. Its manual states that I shouldn't cook split peas in it; does that include split mung beans or dal, or does it refer only to "green peas?"
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Converting Pressure Cooker recipes for cookers with lower PSI

Most of the recipes I'm using (mainly Modernist; stocks, caramelized vegetables, confit) suggest cooking at 15psi. My pressure cooker has two settings 12psi and 7psi. I've always had success just ...
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Does cooking in a pressure cooker destroy nutrients?

I've read that because of the higher temperature specially vegetables lose more nutrients in a pressure cooker as opposed to a normal cooking method. Is this true?
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How do I avoid a burnt underlayer with pressure cookers?

I use my pressure cooker a fair bit but sometimes I struggle in translating a regular recipe to it and I get a charcoaled underlayer at the bottom of the pressure cooker. Some of the time the rest is ...
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Can the duration of the whistle determine if food inside a pressure cooker is cooked

Building upon this question, I was wondering if the duration of the whistle can be used to determine if the food inside a pressure cooker is cooked. As suggested by a couple of answers in the ...
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Carbonated Beverage in Pressure Cooker

This recipe for Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwich is written for 8 hours in a slow cooker. I'm considering doing it for an hour in a pressure cooker. I'll paraphrase the cooker ingredients at the click ...
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Is there any advantage to cooking beans in a pressure cooker, besides saving time?

I cook beans quite frequently, and typically soak them overnight then cook them the next day. I don't find that particularly laborious, so I've always wondered why people use pressure cookers. Are ...
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