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Dot's pretzels seasoning

I made a batch of homemade Dots pretzels (pretzels with garlic salt, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, etc.) They turned out to be too salty. My wife thinks that we can keep the same amount of seasonings ...
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Food grade lye on counter tops

Long ago, I bought some food grade lye to make pretzels. Then I became afraid to use it cause I didn't think about the potential damage it could cause to my sink and some baking materials. ...
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Soda and yeast both in pretzels

Usually I think of leavening as either yeast or chemical (baking soda / baking powder). On these sourdough pretzels yeast and soda are both listed. Why would a baked product need both leavening ...
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Can I use baking powder in place of baking soda for dipping pretzels?

I made pretzel dough and its ready to be shaped. Somehow I have no baking soda left. Can I use baking powder in place of baking soda? Or is there something else I can use for the dipping step? What ...
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Baking pretzels in a muffin tin?

I'd like to make something like pretzel buns/bites in a muffin tin. Could I just take a normal pretzel recipe, skip the rolling step, put the dough balls in the baking soda bath as usual, and then ...
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Pretzel burger buns: how to make soft crust?

According to pretzel bread recipe, raw dough buns must be dipped for 30 seconds into a water with baking soda before going into the over in order for them to develop that pretzel brown crust, but it ...
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Why does wind blowing on pretzel dough add a chewy texture?

One of the steps in this pretzel recipe is: Once the dough has risen, place the trays next to a cold window with some wind blowing. A fan can be used if there is no breeze. This develops a skin on ...
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Pre-making pretzel buns.

I've recently learned how to make my own pretzel buns, and was planning on using a similar technique to make pretzel dinner rolls for thanksgiving dinner next month. The only problem is that I want ...
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How to heat frozen stuffed pretzels other than bake them

I have sold the super pretzels for years and heat them by microwave. However I am now selling their "cousin" which is made by the same company but they are stuffed with sweet cream cheese, jalapenos ...
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How to keep fresh-made soft pretzels from getting soggy or stale?

I've recently learned how to make fresh pretzels and they are quite good. However, they start to get hard and chewy after about four hours. If I store them in a plastic container before that then they ...
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What would you use to wash pretzel hot dog buns?

I was inspired after seeing a hot dog with a pretzel bun. I have the recipe pretty close to where I want it, but I'm not sure what to use as a wash. I tried egg whites so far and wasn't very happy. ...
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How do I prevent filled pretzels from blowing out?

A little while ago I made cream cheese and jalapeno filled pretzels. I used a standard, mall-style, pretzel dough. The filling was cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and minced jalapenos. The dough ...
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