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How do you raise your dough in cold seasons?

It is winter down here in Australia and I find it challenging to find a warm spot to raise my bread dough. What I have been doing is placing the dough in the oven (not switched on) with a pot of hot ...
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What should I cover bread dough with while it's rising?

If you let (bread) dough rise, the recipe always asks to cover it. Years ago, I read to cover it with a wet towel. Nowadays, I see more and more recipes that ask for plastic wrap (aka saran or cling ...
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Using low oven temperature to accelerate proofing

During wintertime it is often cold enough in my apartment that proofing takes much longer than in summer. I'd like to use my oven to create a warmer environment, in which the dough would rise faster. ...
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What are the advantages of "bathed" bread?

There is a technique of making bathed bread. For it, the dough is kneaded as usual, then shaped into a boule, bound in cheesecloth, and submerged in water for the first proofing. When it floats up, ...
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Does it matter if I freeze dough before proofing?

I made some pizza dough today and only used 1/3 of it. The other portions I decided to put in the freezer to use later on. I froze them before proofing though. Does this matter? Should I have let them ...
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Can you freeze bread dough when it's done proofing to bake later?

Has anyone put bread dough in the freezer overnight (covered), and then tried to bake it straight out of the freezer? I believe you can put it in the fridge, and then straight into the oven from ...
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Dough safety and viability after overproofing

We made dough using the below recipe last night, and realised this morning that we had left it at ~70°F (covered) for ~15 hours. Questions: What would be the symptoms of dough going "bad"? How ...
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