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The seeds of legumes are referred to as pulses; this would include chickpeas, lentils, and beans

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Are soaked pulses edible without cooking?

I soaked some horse gram overnight in plenty of water and forgot about it in the morning. In the afternoon, I remembered about it and noticed that they were soft enough to be eaten directly without ...
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Pre-soaking pulses - Is there a way to slow down fermentation?

The Scotch broth mix I use consists of pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas, blue peas and red split lentils. Prior to use, it requires soaking for 8-12 hours and then draining and ...
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Soak or Ferment pulses?

What is the science behind soaking pulses? Any way to measure if soaking is complete/done well? What is fermenting of pulses do? What is the science behind it? Is it better to soak or ferment pulses?...
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How can I make shami kabab without chana dal

Shami kabab are patties traditionally made with minced meat and chickpeas (chana daal). What could be a substitute for the chana daal that still produces reasonably similar results.
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How are pulses split into dal?

Since dal is simply dried, split pulses I was wondering: how are the pulses split? Is it that when they are dried they become easy to split, is the dal "cut" in a certain way, or is there some other ...
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How do I know when yellow split peas are cooked?

After having boiled for initially 10 minutes and then simmered for an hour my yellow split peas are still firm and a little gritty. If cooked long enough do they ever get soft like a red kidney bean?...
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Does cooking black bengal gram with salt lead to increased cooking time or lack of softening?

I have heard that cooking bengal gram with salt can lead to increased cooking time compared to cooking it without salt.So i used to add salt just before serving the curry.Other pulses like green gram ...
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Split pea soup won't soften. Any way to soften the peas without burning?

I am trying to make split pea soup. The first time I did it the peas softened just fine but the soup was scorched. I am trying again but at a lower heat, and the peas are refusing to soften. ...
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Soaking legumes and cooking another day

If you soak legumes (in this case split chickpeas, aka chana dal), but end up not cooking them when they would be "finished", what is the best way to store them? In water or without? And how long can ...
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Soaking pulses overnight: safety vs refrigeration

When soaking pulses for long periods, is refrigeration required? Specifically: I have a large volume of dried red kidney beans I will be cooking with tomorrow. The refrigerator is already filled with ...
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How To Get Flavour Into Dried Grains And Pulses

All those things you have to soak, you would think you could infuse some flavour during the soaking. I've tried all sorts of ideas, vegetable stock, herbs, spices, yeast extract etc. but I find the ...
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