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Too much pumpkin purée in pumpkin muffins

I was making the 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins (15 oz can of pumpkin purée and 1 box spice cake mix). I accidentally put in a 29 oz can of pumpkin purée. What can I expect??
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Failed to make glossy date syrup

I tried to make date syrup but ended up with something more like date puree. I attempted to boil the mixture for a longer period of time, but it didn't help. I also tried to strain it through a sieve, ...
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What will happen if I put cut vegetables or roasted peanuts in a Salzburger grain mill or a mock mill?

I am trying to use a grain mill for peanut butter, and also pureeing vegetables. Can this work?
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Papaya puree types

I have had a problem trying to located good papaya puree. I used to buy it from this company called Dynamic Health, but they changed the type of puree they sell. The two photos below show before and ...
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Dicing roasted pumpkin instead of puréeing it?

I have a memory of reading somewhere (but I can’t seem to find the source) that when making a pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin, you could beneficially dice the pumpkin after roasting it instead of ...
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How can I fix my parsnip puree? [closed]

So I've been trying to up my cooking/plating game. I see that in many Michelin Star restaurants it's almost a meme to plate some protein on a vegetable 'puree' base, put some flowers and greens on top,...
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What does ginger lose if puréed or ground and left over time?

I know with certain herbs and spices once you cut them open or grind them they can lose aroma, volatile oils and vitamins. I’m wondering about ginger. People either use it fresh, use a prepared ...
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Is it possible to use puree in a siphon whip?

does someone have experience with putting puree in a siphon whip, to achieve a fluffier texture? Does it work?
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Making a vegan potato-puree like course without whole potatoes

I live in Thailand in which potatoes in retail supermarkets can be a bit expensive because of a bit low demand due to low traditional usage in local cuisine. In my opinion in Thai bazaars the price is ...
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Why did mango lose sweetness after pureeing

It is mango season and I am pureeing Mangoes. I used Malgoa mangoes which have a very sweet taste. The mango pieces taste sweeter than the puree. The puree is still sweet, but less. Why is that?
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Do these two types of mouli graters do the same thing?

I would like to know whether these two types of mouli graters found in the internet do the same thing, work the same way, or are actually used for different types of food. How do they differ in terms ...
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Using acidity to brighten simple sides like purees

I made a simple carrot puree last night doing the following: Sweat off some carrots, onions, garlic and a bit of peeled apple Added a small amount of apple cider vinegar Added a bit of an alcoholic ...
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Hazelnut oil as a sub for olive oil

I'm looking to make a pea purée but all I have is hazelnut oil. I know olive oil is the standard. Would hazelnut oil give it too much of a nutty taste?
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Best way to store tomato paste/puree?

What is the best way to store tomato paste or tomato purée? Just to be clear, I'm talking about this stuff At home we buy metal cans of the stuff (500g or 1Kg), but once opened, within about 5 to 6 ...
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How do I finely process/puree a large amount of chillies?

I have a large quantity of chillies that I would like to make a hot sauce out of. But firstly I would like to create a really fine puree out of these chillies, is anyone aware of the appropriate ...
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Why to remove skin and seeds of tomatoes when we puree them?

I tried a couple of recipes which demanded tomato puree which was eventually cooked as part of the gravy. The gravy turned sour even after cooking it covered for more than 15 minutes. Is that because ...
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What's an effective method to strain liquids?

When I make horchata or aqua frescas, I often have a large volume (quarts) of liquid that could benefit from straining. Usually only the small fine mesh strainer can get out the fine particles that ...
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What is hot raspberry puree?

I have a caramel recipe that calls for hot raspberry puree to be added near the end of cooking. I'm assuming that the seeds are supposed to be removed, so how is this different from raspberry juice? ...
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Can I make my own chestnut puree?

I've got a recipe that calls for chestnut puree. I live in Australia and it's proving difficult to find. Chestnuts on the other hand are pretty easy to find so I googled around to see if I could find ...
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