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Rabbit that looks and tastes like chicken?

OK, I know saying such & such a type of meat tastes like chicken is a total stereotype, but bear with me. I am not a frequent eater of rabbit but I'd say have it 1-2 times a year, so I feel like I ...
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Cooking with ground rabbit

A few months ago I bought some ground rabbit. I had sort of forgotten about it until the other day. I've tried looking up recipes for ground rabbit, but all of the rabbit recipes I've found call for ...
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How can I tell the difference between a rabbit and a cat?

I received a shipment of prefabricated skinned rabbit last week and the shipment seemed unusual. Rabbits have a very close resemblance to cats once their “hair” and skin have been removed. Is there a ...
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How many people does one rabbit feed?

Approximately how many servings of meat can be gotten from one rabbit? For argument's sake, let's say the rabbit is about 12 weeks old and raised as a foodsource (not hunted wild). I understand that ...
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What is the correct internal temperature for rabbit meat?

I have never cooked rabbit before, and my charts don't include rabbit. Are there food safety considerations speaking for thorough heating, as with chicken, or is it acceptable to cook it medium rare? ...
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Substitute rabbit in chicken recipes?

After reading through the cookbook thread from front to back, I bought a couple of the recommended works, including How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. I went straight to the index to look up what ...
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How do you prepare a rabbit? [closed]

A family member gave me a couple rabbits to cook and I'm not sure how to prepare them. I'd prefer something on the smoker or grill. Do I marinate, rub, brine? I'm just not sure how to prepare it.
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