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Substitution for green meat radish

A recipe I’m following asks for a green meat radish. Where would be a good place to get one (I’m from the UK) or what could I substitute it with?
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what are these darker stains in radish?

We have some radish that have these darker areas in the flesh. Currently, we are on the island of Malta where food ingredients are very low quality in general, so anything out of the ordinary ...
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What can I substitute for radish when making kimchi?

I want to try the recipe but could not get radish.
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What are yellow sushi radishes called?

I'm considering growing some sushi radishes, but what are they called, because I'm considering growing some this summer after ordering them from a seed catalog.
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What can make a radish lose its flavour in a dish?

I wanted to try something new so I had the idea of putting radish in with my tuna salad. I really like the spicy punch of radishes so I was excited to taste the end product. I got a bunch and chopped ...
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Does it make any sense to grate the radish on a grater without peeling its skin?

Does the radish automatically get rid of it's skin when grated on the grater? OR for safety reasons is it better to peel the skin off the radish before grating? By radish I mean this: http://en....
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Uses for radish and turnip greens? [closed]

Got a lovely bunch of radishes and turnips from the farmer's market, giant mass of greens included. Can I use the greens for anything aside from compost? Are they edible? Worthy of salads? Stir-...
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