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Is goat cheese ravioli freezable?

Can I freeze ravioli filled with goat cheese and caramelized onion, even when the package advises not to?
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Should I start timer immediately after adding pasta to boiling water?

When I add cold pasta or ravioli to boiling water, water stops boiling. It needs a couple of minutes to boil again. So, the question is Should I start timer immediately after adding pasta to boiling ...
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Do I need to let ravioli made with fresh dough dry?

I'm discovering the universe of fresh pasta, and I saw that many people let the pasta dry. Does that apply to raviolis too?
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Can fermented products (yoghurt, creme fraiche etc) be added to a ravioli filling?

If not, why not? (From a science point of view if possible :))
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How to Use Ravioli Maker without Press Insert

I have a ravioli maker, the kind that is rectangular and has 12 squares with 1" holes meant to be used with a rolling pin to seal the ravioli. I've never used it and have never made ravioli. I see ...
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Can I make ravioli dough with only all-purpose flour or do I NEED semolina flour?

This is the exact recipe I'm talking about: I'm not a very strong cook, I'm only 22 and have very little experience. I've got working with ...
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How do I cook bolognese-filled ravioli from frozen?

I'm planning on following Jamie Olvier's bolognese ravioli recipe, freezing the ravioli and then cooking and serving them the next day. When talking about cooking them, the recipe says: Cook the ...
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How to transport fresh ravioli to office potluck?

I made some fresh ravioli to take into an office potluck. I only have access to a microwave at work to reheat the food. I also don't want my ravioli to stick to each other once cooked. I'm thinking of ...
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Transporting partially finished ravioli

In a couple of weeks I am catering a private dinner for a work relation. I will be prepping everything in my home kitchen and finishing off in their kitchen, meaning I want to get every dish as close ...
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Ravioli filling to edge ratio

I made ravioli for the first time the other day. I used a mix of eggs and water to brush the eggroll wrappers I was using. I was fairly paranoid about my ravioli opening up during boiling, and as a ...
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Do I need to cook the meat filling before stuffing ravioli?

I been making ravioli this past week (3 types, butternut squash, various fungi, and spinach for those interested). Now I'm onto the meat. Its a pork, beef, and veal mixture. My question is, do I ...
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How do I stop homemade Ravioli from going soggy? (storage issue)

Last week I made some Pumpkin Ravioli. The filling was a bit moist, but nothing excessive. The problem is, that obviously, I don't want to be stuffing ravioli immediately before they go into the pot....
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