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15 votes
6 answers

I’m doubling lemon juice in a no-bake pie recipe to make it extra sour. What can I add to make it less goopy?

Every year my partner makes a lemon pie, and every year her guests want it to be more sour than the last. Last year we put in way more lemon juice than the recipe called for, but it came out a goopy ...
0 votes
0 answers

Is it safe to use raw eggs in icecream as in the Dukan recipe? [duplicate]

I've seen Dukan's icecream recipe on several sites and nowhere they say to boil or otherwise cook the eggs, only to mix the yolks with the sweetener, and to whip the whites. I thought it isn't safe to ...
8 votes
3 answers

Can I change a recipe sequencing (parallelising consecutive steps)?

This highly-rated recipe for Penne al'arrabiata calls for frying chilli, garlic and the basil leaves, then removing them from the pan, adding chopped tomatoes, then adding back chilli, garlic and the ...