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Hard cookies with air inside - help with identification

I just, out of nowhere, remembered cookies I used to regularly make and I need help identifying what they were. I hope this is an actual memory and I'm not imagining things. The cookies in question ...
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Sable / shortbread proportions

I’ve been on the hunt for a blank canvas sable / shortbread recipe for holiday cookies. My ideal is a cut-and-bake type situation that holds its shape well. I went though a fair few recipes and ...
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White bread without the "yeasty" or "bready" flavor

I'm trying to recreate a very specific brand of white bread from my parents' hometown, which isn't available outside about a 60-mile radius since the bakery doesn't use preservatives. But it's DANG ...
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What was Country Herb Chicken Sauce Blend?

An old hand-written recipe calls for one package of "Country Herb Chicken Sauce Blend", a presumably retired McCormick product. The recipe is quite similar to this one: https://www....
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Reverse-Engineering Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable Soup

I'm trying to reverse-engineer Trader Joe's garden vegetable soup. I have the full ingredients list and the nutrition facts. However, I don't know what ratios to use (the recipe itself is very simple) ...
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What ingredients do Bernaise sauce and fruit smoothies have in common?

I am trying to narrow down the source of a food allergy. I had a really bad reaction recently and that was my second bad reaction in 2 years. In the first instance, it was after drinking a fruit ...
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