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For questions explicitely focussing on how cooks document recipes. Do not use for cases where you are simply creating or extending an existing recipe.

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what is the best crepe recipe? [closed]

I am looking for recipes so I can find the best kind.
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Are there any factors that can determine whether a dish will taste good other than experience?

What is the most analytical theory available for why recipes will taste good, such that they could be designed ahead of time and predicted to be tasty, and explained why?
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Add sugar to Taco Seasoning?

Do I add sugar? So many people have told me they put sugar in their seasoning and I don't understand why. What does sugar provide to this recipe and how much should I experiment with? This is the ...
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Name for a master "cook plan" that describes how you prepare and serve all courses of a meal

I'm writing some software and could use some help (from some experts!) naming something. In cooking, culinary arts, etc. I have to imagine that there exists a concept where you, the chef, have a ...
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Faulty recipes: omitted ingredient or unused ingredient

I'm looking at ways of enhancing the production of my recipes, and a couple of quality control items have come up. I've seen recipes where there's an ingredient that never gets used; and some where ...
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Will artificial sweeteners work in a coffee syrup recipe?

Here’s the recipe for coffee syrup Ingredients for 1 cup of coffee syrup 2 cups sugar 1 cup strong coffee Directions Mix sugar with the coffee Boil mixture down to the consistency of thick syrup To ...
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Simple recipe that when combined in a different order yields different food?

I'm trying to organize a science demo, and one of the lessons I'd like to get across is that information and order matters when ingredients are combined! Mixing together a pile of raw chemical ...
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In writing a recipe, when should I remove the bay leaves in the process?

I'm trying to write down a recipe for Italian sweet sauce that is used for salads but can also be used on pasta and meat. It has bay leaves in it but I'm not sure when to add and remove them? I've ...
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Cues to a reliable or unreliable recipe?

Over on this question about measurements we got into an interesting discussion about recognizing reliable recipes. What cues do you look for to recognize one you would trust? This is a community wiki ...