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Reheating is the process of bringing previously cooked and now cool or cold foods back to the desired temperature.

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Is it safe to reheat chickpeas twice?

I cooked a batch of garbanzo beans, immediately washed under cold tap water, drained 10-20 minutes, and transferred to the fridge to chill for a few hours, then transferred to portioned freezer bags ...
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In bakeries, what are the factors that make breads become hard?

If breads are reheated in a bakery, will this cause the bread to become hard?
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A way to prepare suet dumplings ahead of time?

An English-style beef stew is a great dish to prepare/freeze ahead of time, and heat when it's needed. But one of its delights is suet dumplings, which are normally cooked floating in the stew while ...
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Reheating a cooked meat pie

What is the best way to reheat a meat pie without causing the pastry to burn and go hard? Wrapping in foil means it won't cook properly. Is it best to put inside a glass pie dish with a lid on?
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