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Should I compensate for lost water when working with frozen rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a naturally stiff plant, but when frozen and thawed again, it becomes very soft and spongey and loses a lot of water. When attempting to make rhubarb dishes, such as pie or jam, should I ...
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Greek yogurt substitute in baking?

So this recipe (lemon rhubarb pie), calls for 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt. What would be a good substitute for Greek yogurt? creme fraiche or cream cheese? And will it affect the final product?
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Cooking rhubarb with soda

On a different question on rhubarb, a link to the wikipedia-page was posted. It is stated there that cooking rhubarb leaves with soda can make them more poisonous. Does the same hold true for cooking ...
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Can I use rhubarb without tons of sugar?

My yard is crawling with rhubarb, a hardy perennial that comes back every year in greater numbers. As far as I can tell, recipes usually involve a pie or jam with gratuitous amounts of sugar to wash ...
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How do I make "thick cooked rhubarb"

I'm looking at a 1960's Betty Crocker cookie recipe that calls for "1 cup thick cooked rhubarb". What sort of preparation does this imply? Baking? Stewing? Should I add sugar? For reference, here's a ...
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Stop rhubarb compote juice from leaking

I am making a rhubarb meringue pie by first blind-baking a short pastry, afterwards I put the rhubarb-compote onto the cake and the meringue on top, and then bake that again for a short time. However,...
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Green rhubarb safe and tasty for use like red?

My mom in her earnest harvested her rhubarb early and sent me stalks that are indiscernible from celery. It tastes very tart which I like but has very faint "rhubarby" flavors. A couple applications I ...
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How to avoid the rhubarb teeth effect?

I have a lovely rhubarb plant in the backyard. It grows like a weed, as rhubarb is wont to do. On occasion, I like to slice off some stalks and bake myself up a nice rhubarb crisp, or a rhubarb ...
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What flavors work well within a splenda-sweetened strawberry-rhubarb cobbler? [closed]

Cobbler filling is simple - strawberries, rhubarb, splenda (sucralose) and some orange zest. Are there any other spices or ingredients that would work well with the artificial sweetener and amplify or ...
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