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Questions on rice. Please be specific; different rice cooks differently.

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Why drain soaked rice?

When cooking black rice, I’ve been told I need to soak it for a few hours, then drain and finally cook with 1:3 parts regular rice (i.e., topped up with fresh water). Black rice is a type of ...
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Why fry rice before boiling?

Ordinarily when I make fried rice, the general process is: Boil the rice until done. Fry the cooked rice in oil. However, I recently made a different rice recipe which flipped the order: Lightly ...
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When making sushi, why do you have to rinse the rice?

I'm interested in learning to make my own sushi. Every guide I have read has stressed that the rice has to be rinsed thoroughly. The bags of rice I generally buy say not to rinse the rice in order ...
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Why should (or shouldn't) we wash rice before cooking?

There are pretty confusing articles on this topic on the internet. Some suggest that we should wash them to remove starch, talc, etc. Some suggest that we should not wash them because they are ...
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How do restaurants make chicken fried rice? What ingredient am I missing?

Everytime I try to make chicken fried rice like I get at the take out place it never tastes like it does when they make it. We all know the basic ingredients Rice (1 day old), Chicken, Green Onions, ...
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What's the secret for Chinese fried rice?

I see a lot of recipes for fried rice, but never seem to be able to give the gorgeous lightly browned color (and therefore flavor) to my rice. This is before adding soy sauce or anything else. Is ...
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Why would I buy a rice cooker?

A friend of mine I'm getting an apartment with next year said that we should invest in a rice cooker. I'm fairly adept in the kitchen and don't come from a family that uses a rice cooker so I would ...
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What are the benefits of using a dedicated rice cooker, rather than just cooking rice in a pot?

For which reasons should I use a dedicated rice cooker, instead of cooking rice in a pot?
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How should I prepare Risotto

I've been watching a lot of Hells Kitchen, and one of the signature dishes that Chef Ramsay has the chefs prepare is Risotto. This seems like a simple enough dish but often times the seasoned chefs ...
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How can I improve my fried rice?

I'm an amateur cook with almost no experience (never taught by my parents, first time cooking on my own was first few days living on my own), so I'm studying very hard because I want to be a great ...
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Stopping water from bubbling over when cooking rice

Every time I cook brown rice (in a traditional pot, or in my new rice cooker), large bubbles form and spill over the sides. How can I prevent this? I found this question, but wasn't able to draw ...
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What's the best way to store rice long-term?

I have purchased a rather large bag of long-grain white rice (25 lbs.) and need to know the best way for storing it long-term. This rice will be used as both a food-storage food source and as my ...
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Can I leave uncooked rice sitting in water for an hour or longer before cooking?

I'm prepping for a dinner party. And I put uncooked long grain brown rice + oil + water in a pot, as usual. But I'm not cooking it right this minute. The rice is sitting in the pot with the water. Can ...
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What kind of rice is used in Chinese cooking?

I love the Chinese food we get from takeaway shops, and often to save on the cost we will cook our own rice at home. This is good, but the rice never seems to have the same texture as takeaway rice - ...
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how do you get sushi rice to not stick to your hands?

I am laying out my sushi rice by forming it into a ball with my hands and spreading it on the nori. I watched some video tutorials on this, and it seems like the rice is not sticking to the chef's ...
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Proper ratio of Water to Rice

When making rice, what is the proper ratio of water that I should use?
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Why clean a pot (used to cook rice) with cold water?

Some people have told me that it's better to clean a dirty pot (used to cook rice) with cold water, rather than the hot water I use for all the other dishes. What would be the purpose of this?
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What is the difference between risotto rice and paella rice?

My local supermarket stocks arborio and carnaroli rices for making risotto, and also stocks "paella rice". I have, in the past, used them interchangeably in both risottos and paellas. Wikipedia ...
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How is boiled rice different from steamed?

I recently got into a friendly argument with a coworker about how rice should be prepared. I insisted that the goal was to steam the rice- too much water and it would boil into a soupy pudding. She ...
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How do I get rid of bugs in rice?

Can you please suggest to me how to prevent rice from getting very small black coloured insects, they are really irritating us by spreading total house and bothering my little kid a lot. I am from ...
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How to prepare rice in a very real emergency - no boiling (no electricity or alternatives)?

Earthquakes and typhoons are as plentiful as rice where I live. The power distribution system is incredibly sturdy here and power outages tend to be managed well, though they happen. Many people ...
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Lifting the lid on cooking rice - is it such a big deal?

I don't know about you, but some people I know will freak out if I lift up the lid on a pot of cooking rice to stir or check its done-ness. They say "you should never ever ever lift the lid". It is ...
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What is sortexed rice?

Here is a link to rice I want to buy. It is quoted as being polished and sortexed. I was wondering exactly that meant? Sortexed is not a word I heard before.
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How many calories are in a cup of rice?

Typical googling tells me a cup of white rice has ~200 calories, but the bags of white rice I purchase tell me a quarter cup of dry rice has 150 calories (Jasmine, in this case, but others have been ...
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What are these spaghetti-like strings in the rice I got from a Turkish shop?

I bought some rice from Turkish shop and as you can see in the picture it came with this spaghetti like strings with it, I’m not referring to the green stuff. Do you know what it is and would it have ...
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How much rice should I cook per person?

I would like to know how much rice I should cook per person. Preferably in some "fast" measurements - like cups, spoons, etc. It would also be nice to know how much water should I add to the rice-...
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Safe to wash rice the night before and leave overnight before cooking?

I'm trying to figure out a convenient way to bring fresh rice for lunch. Cooking it the night before and leaving it in the fridge causes it to become dry and hard and unpleasant, and I've read that it'...
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Why add salt to the water when cooking rice?

Given the great answer to the question on adding salt to water when cooking pasta, I am curious whether the same explanation holds for rice as it does for pasta (flavor and starch gelation)? Is there ...
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Is it possible to remove the smell from rice mistakenly stored in a detergent box?

By mistake I stored rice in a detergent box. I took it out for cooking, but it smells like detergent. What should I do? Is there any trick that can remove the detergent smell from rice, or is it not ...
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Cooking and storing rice for a whole week

I work long hours and my commute to work is about 2 hours long, when I get home, I basically grab a bite to eat and sleep. Recently though I have learned to cook a big portion of a meal to last me ...
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Can a rice cooker make amounts much smaller than its rating?

I'm looking at getting one of Zojirushi's induction rice cookers and the 5.5 cup model is currently a little cheaper than the 3 cup model. I'm a single guy and will only be making a cup or two of rice ...
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7 answers

Why is cooking rice so complicated?

I'm slowly teaching myself to cook and I made some rice today. While the result was perfectly acceptable, the process didn't go smoothly and I had to add some water in the end and cook it some more to ...
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How do I keep the rice cooker from boiling over?

I am having epic rice-cooker failure here. I measure out the amount of rice suggested by the little cup thingy. I rinse it with a bowl and a strainer until the water is clear while rinsing. Then I ...
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When making risotto, why fry the rice?

When making risotto one of the first steps is to saute the rice in some oil for a few minutes (or until the rice is translucent). What is happening when the rice is fried? What effect does this have,...
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Firm risotto using generic rice. Is it possible?

How can I make a firm risotto, without using the appropriate rice? I'm italian, and I've been cooking delicious risotto for years. But in the place where I'm living right now there is only one kind ...
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How to prepare rice in rice cooker so it won't become sticky or clumpy, like Indian takeout in the US?

When I get Indian takeout (US), the white rice is not at all sticky or clumpy. Even over the next few days it can be essentially poured out of the container as individual grains. This is unlike the ...
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Why does baking cooked rice not overcook it?

Many recipes like stuffed peppers call for baking already fully cooked rice for upwards of an hour at ~375 F. I’m surprised the grains come out intact and texturally not that different than before ...
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Why rinse basmati rice?

Every Indian recipe I see seems to insist on rinsing basmati rice before cooking it. Why, I have no idea, because I never rinse it, yet I can discern no difference between my rice and rice cooked by ...
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Can I re-use rice if it has been used for blind baking?

I often use rice when blind baking... and then I throw it out which is obviously a waste. Am I able to keep the rice and either use it again for blind baking or even to cook and eat later?
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How do I prevent stickiness in a rice cooker?

I have a Cuisinart dedicated rice cooker and I love the benefits. However I get a little bit of stickiness around the sides of the cooker. A friend recommends a capful of oil while cooking the rice ...
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Effect of rice cooking techniques

I rarely ate rice growing up, and only recently started cooking it. I started with basmati, and seemed to do alright with that, but my wife (who used to live in Korea) said she preferred rice to clump ...
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Are sushi rice and arborio rice valid substitutes of each other?

Sometimes I have only one sushi rice and want to prepare risotto, sometimes is the other way around. Both varieties have a lot of starch, but I don't know if it's the same starch. Is it?
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Brown Basmati rice -- How to prevent mushiness?

I have been cooking regular white Basmati for years and have perfected the method to get it to perfection (solid, tender, not mushy). Recently, I decided to try brown Basmati because I heard brown ...
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What is the proper way to cool sushi rice after cooking?

I've heard a couple of suggestions for cooling the rice prior to making rolls and both seem to contradict each other. What works for you guys (and gals)? What I do is just remove the liner from the ...
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Does the inside of a lid used to cook rice or steam vegetables have anything besides water on it?

After cooking rice or steaming vegetables the inside of the lid used to cover the pot has water droplets on it - is it just water or do elements of the food make the lid "dirty" and require ...
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What's the best way to cook brown rice?

Apparently the ratio of water to rice for brown rice is 1.5:1. I simmered my rice for about half an hour with the lid on the pan and the rice was still hard and the water nearly all gone. What am I ...
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What does layering biryani actually do?

I've recently been experimenting with biryani (mostly chicken hyderabadi) and one thing that sort of puzzles me is making layers of rice (as typically instructed in recipes) as opposed to just having ...
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Reducing the moisture in cooked rice for making fried rice

I am aware that in order for fried rice in Asian dishes to have the typical consistency and texture, it is best to use rice that has been cooked and stored for at least 24 hours. However, it's often ...
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Should rice be washed with hot water or cold water?

For both long-grain (Jasmine) and short-grain rice I typically rinse the rice with cold water to remove some of the starch and to clean the rice a bit. What temperature (hot/warm/cold) should I use ...
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What is a suitable Low carb rice alternative?

For the first time since i started dieting, I'm making a stir fry dish for dinner. Usually, I include white rice with the finished product to absorb some of the sauce and provide that fluffy texture. ...
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