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Questions tagged [rice]

Questions on rice. Please be specific; different rice cooks differently.

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Home made biriyani masala paste

What is the permitted preservative for biriyani paste? How much quantity of what should I add? My masala has ginger, garlic paste, onions, tomatoes, green chillies, spice powders, mint and coriander ...
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Can one use a mix of white rice flour with regular white flour sourdough to make a pizza crust? If so then what ratio might be the best?

I have a regular active sourdough (comprising 50% fermented white wheat flour and 50% water by weight) which is obviously not really malleable as a dough but rather liquid-ish, and I did not like the ...
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Is it safe to store dry, uncooked rice with cleaning products?

So, I opened up a 30-lb bag of dry, uncooked jasmine rice last week in our outside shed / storage (apartment storage - it is dry, like an indoor closet but has an outdoor entrance). I was in a hurry ...
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Yellowish mushy stuff on cooked rice

Found this yellowish mushy stuff on my freshly cooked plain rice, any idea what could it be?
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Brown streaking in cooked idli, from white looking batter - what gives?

Batter was made from "double horse" idli mix (which by label only contains rice and urad dal), plus a few fenugreek seeds, ground in a blender as the package recommends, fermented 24h, in european ...
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Is there a trick for separating still-hulled rice grains?

I make a lot of bulk brown rice so occasionally I'll come across the grain that is still hulled, and chomping down on those is never fun. Is there a quick way to separate those from the rest of the ...
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Brown rice in an old rice cooker?

A comment on the question about brown rice making a mess in old rice cookers has me wondering: Is there a proper way to cook brown rice in a mechanical (one button) rice cooker, or do you need a ‘...
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What's the fastest way to cook fluffy white Jasmine rice?

From raw grains until ready to eat, what's the fastest method you can think of to get fluffy white rice (Thai Jasmine variety). I've tried using a pressure cooker and it's pretty fast, but there's ...
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