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What should I cover bread dough with while it's rising?

If you let (bread) dough rise, the recipe always asks to cover it. Years ago, I read to cover it with a wet towel. Nowadays, I see more and more recipes that ask for plastic wrap (aka saran or cling ...
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Using low oven temperature to accelerate proofing

During wintertime it is often cold enough in my apartment that proofing takes much longer than in summer. I'd like to use my oven to create a warmer environment, in which the dough would rise faster. ...
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Prevent brioche buns from spreading during rise

I am trying to work out how to make the perfect brioche bun for burgers. I followed the Pink Whisk recipe, but that had a few problems. The main one was that the buns spread wide during the rise, ...
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What is the correct ratio to make self-rising flour?

I have a recipe that I've used a couple of times that asks for self-rising flour. Unfortunately, I only have regular AP flour where I am right now. I know self-rising flour is a mixture of AP flour ...
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Is the second rise step neccesary for no-knead bread?

In the classic no-knead bread recipe, it calls for letting the dough rise once for 12-18 hours, then folding it on a work surface and letting it rise again for two hours. Why is this second rise ...
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How can you tell whether bread dough is ready for baking?

I've tried to make a special bread for making 'torrijas', the Spanish version of French toast. Very popular during easter, here. Twice, the bread didn't rise correctly in the oven, even after ...
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How do I stop my brownies from rising?

I have been trying out brownie recipes baked in a muffin tin. I am using the muffin tin so that I can get all edges. (And I have been decorating the tops!) My brownies tend to rise, in my opinion, ...
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How to cleanly cover the dough while it rise?

When I leave dough pieces (for pizza) to rise, I put a wet towel on top of them, and leave them for a few hours. The problem is that when the process is finished, the dough sticks very strongly to ...
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How does replacing some butter with shortening affect rising / leavening in cookies (biscuits)?

I have been replacing half (half a cup) of the butter called for by some cookie recipes with half a cup of shortening and have noticed that some of these cookies rise less than I expect. Is there ...
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Why won't my bread rise much during baking?

I'm trying some bread making for the first time and am having a hard time getting my bread to rise during baking. Here is the recipe I'm following:
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Keto King Bread Rise Problem

I have scoured the net looking for answers but I can’t find any. I’ve been making the Keto King bread and in my bread machine it just doesn’t rise much. It ALWAYS tastes great but doesn’t rise much. ...
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Can I rescue an old cake mix?

I have some ~year out of date dry cake mix in a sealed bag. According to Does it Go Bad it's still good to use, but it wont' rise the same. The dry mix usually contains baking powder or some other ...
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Why didn't my puff pastry "puff"?

I used store-bought puff pastry to make a tart with two layers of pastry (with some soft cheese in the middle). Even though it baked, neither the top nor the bottom layer of pastry rose or puffed at ...
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