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Questions tagged [roasting]

Roasting is a cooking method using high direct heat typically from above the food. Most of the questions in this tag should be regarding this method to include roasting of meat & vegetables, but can include roasting coffee & tea.

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How should I modify roasting time in this roast goose recipe?

I have an 11½-lb goose that I would like to roast. I'm planning to use a technique from Cook's Illustrated magazine, which calls for a 10- to 12-lb bird, and for which the roasting proceeds as ...
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Is there any notable difference to take into account when roasting Cicer arietinum vs. Pisum sativum?

I recently got a freebie bag of snacks that according to the ingredient list included Pisum sativum ('doperwt' in Dutch). But since buying these snacks in the store seems pretty overpriced compared to ...
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How long & at what temp do I cook stuffed pork sirloin roast?

I have a supermarket, stuffed pork sirloin roast. I want to make it today. It wieghs 2.80# How long and at what temp do I cook it, and should it be covered or uncovered? I've never made one of ...
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