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What is the name of Sardinian-Emilia Romagna cuisine adding wine to the end of cheese broth [closed]

Following this video, what is the name of the Sardinian-Emilia Romagna cuisine that adds wine at the end of the cheese broth, as advised by Edoardo Celadon?
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Difference between Fleischkäse, Mortadella, and Parizer

I am a great fan of some cold meats I've encountered in Germany, Italy, and Romania. Surprisingly, I was unable to find a definition of how they are made which is sufficiently accurate to determine ...
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After you bake eggplant, is it fine to not drain the water?

An eggplant can be baked or grilled; then you peel it. I read that you have to drain it then (e.g. in a colander), even overnight. What if you don't drain the water-does the taste change considerably? ...
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Identify this seafood from the Black Sea known in Romanian as "rapane"?

Here on the Black Sea in Romania people are eating a shellfish called in Romanian "rapane" which they translate as "oyster" when I ask. But they are elongated spiral shells which to me look nothing ...
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Does a Romanian omletă ţărănească (peasant omelette) have standard ingredients?

I am currently travelling in Romania and have been enjoying a breakfast each morning of "omletă ţărănească", which can be translated to English as "peasant omelette". What I'm wondering is whether it ...
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