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how to extract Glycyrrhizin from liquorice root?

I recently learned that Glycyrrhizin, which is naturally present in liquorice root, is a strong sweetener (30-50x stronger than sugar depending on sources). Some traditional recipes call for infusing ...
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Which part of green onions can we use in recipes?

For recipes calling for green onions, how do we know that whether we have to use the white root of the onion in recipe or green leaves?
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How do you make tapioca from cassava?

I am curious as to how tapioca is made from cassava. Also, is it possible to do this at home? Thanks.
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How to write the so called wooden tomato / wooden potato in Chinese (and where to find it)?

I once went to a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese friend, and there was this sort of yam which was white colored and covered with a whole bunch of red/pink dots resembling freckles and these dots ...
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Do liquorice roots expire?

Four years ago I have harvested some liquorice roots in a field. After a brief cleaning with fresh water I have sun dried these roots for a day. These were very tasty. I kept these in a cardboard box. ...
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What's the best way to store lots of kale to use for smoothies?

I am going to start making kale smoothies and wish to buy a couple bunches of kale at a time. Here's my thought - I was thinking of taking the kale, perhaps blending it with some roots/veggies at a ...
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Is the root/rhizomes of ground elder edible?

Ground elder is a terrible weed with delicious leaves. But is the root edible too? Wikipedia: Aegopodium podagraria, commonly called ground elder, herb gerard, bishop's weed, goutweed, and snow-in-...
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How to make celery root dish without parmesan?

I've used a recipe before (can't find it anymore, sorry) where I steamed sticks of celery root. The ingredients I remember are garlic (whole cloves steamed together with the celery), probably a small ...
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