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Name of the alcoholic products of fermenting sugar and distilling mead, analogous to fermenting grapes to get wine and distilling wine to get brandy?

As I understand it Ferment grains and you get beer. Distill that beer and you get whiskey. Ferment grapes and you get wine. Distill that wine and you get brandy. Ferment sugar you get ???. Distill ...
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Baba au Rhum: Why am I not getting a good rum flavor?

I've been wanting to make these for years after having some really good ones in Paris. Now I'm finding these are hard to duplicate! I find I'm not getting enough rum flavor. There is definitely ...
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Can I substitute vodka for rum in tiramisu?

Specifically in this recipe: Tiramisu-II The reason why I'm asking this is I only have vodka at home, and I rarely drink. So I don't want to buy any kind of liquor just for three tablespoons of it. ...
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Why potatoes need to be boiled in order to make alcohol?

I have read a couple of recipes and descriptions of what needs to be done in order to produce alcoholic beverages such as vodka and rum. I was surprised to learn that basically all the sources use ...
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Best way to impart rum flavor in caramel candies?

I have a caramel candy recipe that uses spiced honey instead of corn syrup that I really love. I also have a caramel syrup recipe that uses rum and it was a huge hit with the family. I am hoping to ...
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What is a non-alcoholic substitute for rum in a glaze?

I want to make an orange cake and its recipe calls for rum in the glaze. Rum, anything alcoholic, rum extract, etc. are not an option for me. Is there a way to substitute with vanilla extract? If so, ...
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Using dark rum instead of white rum

If my recipe calls for white rum and I only have Jamaican rum can I still use the same measurements?
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Can you use brandy instead of rum in cake recipe

Can you use brandy instead of rum in a cake recipe
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What's the difference between Santa Cruz Rum and Jamaican Rum?

Reading through a book of cocktail recipes from the late 1800s, I notice some recipes call specifically for Santa Cruz rum and some call for Jamaican rum. Is this a mere place of origin reference, or ...
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Can Rum-balls be made without alcohol?

My wife and I enjoy a recipe for rum-balls that she has made in the past, but we have friends that choose not to consume any alcohol. Is there any hope for non-alcoholic rum-balls? What could be ...
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What type of rum to use when making vanilla extract?

My mom just bought me some vanilla beans from Tahiti and said that the person she bought them from suggested using rum to make an extract. What type of rum should be used, white or dark rum, and is ...
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