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Is whole grain rye supposed to taste so coarse?

I've been making various white wheat flour breads for a while now and decided to try making a rye bread for the first time. What I didn't notice at the grocery store though is that the flour I bought ...
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High Altitude Rye Bread

New bread maker here. I've been playing around with some various breads over the least year and have had some pretty decent success with white breads, seed breads light rye and even Paczki. Not only ...
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Need help with my Rye Sourdough starter

I’ve been working on growing a sourdough culture from scratch for almost 4 weeks now. I have looked into multiple websites including this one for troubleshooting advice and have tried different things ...
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No Knead Bread comes out a tad gummy only in the center

I’m using 200g Bread flour, 50g Whole Wheat flour , 50g All-purpose flour, and 60g Rye. I add 2.25tsp of yeast, 2tsp sea salt, and 1.5cups filtered tap water. I let it rise overnight or at least ...
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